The Cherotic Revolutionary #6

"When Frank Moore isn't organizing performances and workshops about tribal sex magic, he's producing this zine full of photographs, poetry, stories, psychedelia, and rants. Nice printing makes these photos really stand out. We get some tranquil nudes from Eric Boutilier-Brown, erotic nudes from Tony Ryan, and some playful nudes from blind photographer Flo Fox. I enjoyed all the poems -- some erotic, some angry, some revealing -- especially Frank's poem about open mike events. Also a page each from HR Giger and T.R. Miller."
R. Seth Friedman, Factsheet Five

"This is a 40 page full-sized, b&w; publication. For those of you who aren't already aware of Frank Moore and the wonderful work that he has done over the past few decades, The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary is a great way to become enlightened about him. Frank has a 'disability' that makes it impossible for him to speak or to have control of his body movements. He communicates by pointing at letters and words on a board that is attached to his wheelchair. Despite these apparent limitations, Frank has authored books, written numerous performance art pieces, performed on stage, written/directed films, and created a community of people who work to further his ideas.

Frank is particularly interested in the human body and the ways in which people relate to themselves and each other. He has created numerous rituals that involve 'eroplay' as a tool for breaking down barriers between its participants. 'Eroplay' is a term that Frank coined in order to describe the act of playful, non-sexual touching. This kind of ritual enables the participants to reach a point beyond sexuality (it is similar in many ways to rituals described in the Kama Sutra and other writings that strive to help people reach a transcendent state through prolonged physical stimulation).

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary is a publication that is put together by Frank and the people who share his vision. Every page is densely covered with intricate, lovingly detailed illustrations, photos, and writings. Extremely detailed line art by LaBash fills many of the pages. There are also some beautiful photographs of nude images (not of the pornographic variety), poems, stories, pen and ink sketches by H.R.Giger, and essays on sexuality/the human body. You will want to read this publication from cover to cover. The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary is obviously the product of people who love what they do. Highly recommended."
Mike Hovancsek, EIDOS V9 N4, issue 36, 1997

"'We live in an age of whining people who think they are owed something, who think they have the right to not be offended...' Those are Frank Moore's own words as he simply sums up why anyone should be doing any creative project. No bodies going to give you anything, you got to build it for yourself. This issue has a beautiful cover by John Seabury of two women at a crowning point. Layout, art, photos and text are all supreme. For Frank Moore's rants on free speech and being sex positive send $5...."
Dr. Ducky DooLittle's Hypnotic Releases, Catalog #2

"Frank's really outdone himself this time. What caught my attention are all the great photos from Flo Fox, Tony Ryan, and Eric Boutilier-Brown. I know these pics of nude women are supposed to be artistic and all, but 'scuse me while I say 'woo woo!' You also have H.R. Giger (!), elliott, Ana Christy, Ericka Slayer, Paul Weinman, and Robert W. Howington among others. Don't forget LaBash's art on the back. That 'Application to Live in the South' will probably piss some people off, but it's still funny. The layout really burns a streak up the mountain, but without being overbearing like some of those slick craprags. As much fun to look at as it is to read.
Bleeding Velvet Octopus #6

"One of the best layouts around offering up some fiction by Charles Chaim Wax, a ton of clothing optional photography that is artistically presented, not porno, a little poetry, a hysterical application to live in the south, info on SF's 848 Community Space that sounds a bit like ABC No Rio but more of an artist community, a story by Elmira, NY's Dr. Bryan D. Reddlick, H.R. Giger pictures, a transcription of an open mic rant by frank moore, and some art by Labash that titillates. $5 and worth it."
The Flashing Astonisher, Fall Issue #8

"Frank Moore and Friends' TC(r) is a sexual/mind/body/spiritual freedom zine with a psychedelic, free love feel to it. Different mediums employed are prose and verse writings, photography, and lots of illustrations, many of which were created by LaBash, who was so generous as to contribute visual material to this issue of OPEN FORUM. Frank, too, is in here. Thanks a lot guys, I deeply appreciate it!

One theme that is addressed throughout TC(r) is the problem of there being practically no true diversity in society, consequently, there is an urgent need for nonconformist action. A good example of how some of the visual imagery and word artists in TC(r) think on this problem is George Kauffman's short poem, Madness Manifesto, he writes, 'Nobody is mad anymore. Everybody is certified sane.' And, 'Madness comes to those who want it...Go mad and save the world!' He also relates that the so-called 'sane' are the ones who have created suffering, wars, and early death for millions. Yes, the so-called 'sane', the Masters and their obedient sheep-like herds, are in fact insane, and many who are labeled eccentric, mentally ill and insane are in fact sane. Dare to be different, dare to be insane!

Some other stimulating treats: One the front cover there is an attention-grabbing drawing of a pair of Siamese twins making love. Flo Fox's penis photos. Tony Ryan's photography, one photo shows a nude female with creamy white ice-cream dripping on and down her breasts, tummy, and between her legs. Anarchist Unru Lee's essay on 'pleasure activism' versus 'class war activism,' he promotes a combination of both, includes some words from Henry Miller, who in 1966 said that sex lib, '...should only be one aspect of a movement toward much larger freedom, to think and act freely and creatively, in every domain!' HR Giger's pen & ink sketches of females getting gang-banged by monkish males, the sketches remind me of the education of Justine. Frank's A Rant On An Open Mike where he '...goes after the nice people who never asked where the trains were going, boxcars filled with people...after the nice people who keep going to work after seeing their friends missing, after hearing rumors of blacklist and blackball...' And lots, lots more!

TC(r) encourages one to experiment and expand one's consciousness and parameters of reality, also to be playful and kind, which doesn't mean being a pushover, quite the contrary - be assertive and live your life as YOU deem fit!"
OPEN FORUM #12 December 1996

"Frank Moore, with Linda Mac have now come out with #6 and it's as thick and big as The Affiliate. Our friend Al Cunningham (a more favorable Cunningham) is making the page of TC(r) with thoughts we did pass along in The Affiliate. Tony Ryan's B&W; pictorial is a treat. Beautiful women presented with class. Much in."
The Affiliate December 1996

"This zine combines photography, excellent drawings, poetry and short stories to create a pulsing, shimmering, emotionally charged whole. It includes a catalog of all offerings audio visual and literary. Pages are big and copies are clear, it's about 50 pages. Artists and writers include Frank Moore, Janet Kuypers, LaBash, Eric Boutilier-Brown, and Ana Christy. Visit their web site."
Crimson Leer 4th issue

"The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary is an irregularly published, very underground, independent, alt.culture (art & lit) zine. Each issue is always jammed with unique, mind-expanding, consciousness-raising material. TC(r)#6 is no exception.".... "TC(r)will appeal to those seeking to discover a forum for the diverse range of serious material constituting the contemporary cultural underground. Most highly recommended"
Eidos Vol9#3 1997

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