The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #1
January 1992

"I love your magazine and articles."
Karen Finley

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary#2
July 1992

(TC(r)#2) "is fuckin' great! A little weird, but fuckin' great!
I love the art work. It lends a whole new meaning to the word psychedelic. I enjoyed the surrealism also. Being somewhat of an artist & musician I enjoy it all provided it is done well. Or beauty is in the eye or ear of the beholder. I guess."
Uncle Junky, editor of Yello Submarine 'Zine

"'The Cherotic Revolutionary' right out there on the artistic edge, (Frank Moore is) reveling in the use of eros to make his points about freedom."
Factsheet Five

"I personally cannot live up to the society-cracking dares that Moore issues (in 'The Cherotic Revolutionary').... Seriously, one of the more thought-provoking items...."
Ivan Stang, (SubGenius Magazine) Stark Fist

"TCR is a beautiful tragedy. A symbolism of creativity."
Merle Tofer, artist

"The new TCR is remarkable. It keeps getting more outrageous, more independent, more tender. A magazine of such sensual splendor should be considered by the American government as a national treasure!!"
Merle Tofer, artist

"I anxiously await (the next issue of) TC(r) as it is one of my most favorite publications. Reading TC(r) is analogous to having a mystical experience."
Spiros, Open Forum (Greece)

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary "A zine about 'The Edge' for and by people on The Edge ... if not over The Edge." Published and edited by Frank Moore and Linda Mac. Frank is a shamanistic teacher, author, and performer whose zine reflects the Berkeley I remember - sexual, artistic, bold, yet soft, loving, and at times, crippled (whats is the PC word?) - less than perfect (like the rest of us). Articles, poems, photos, commentary, posters.
The Whole Sex Catalog Suppliment, 1995, Synergy Book Service

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