The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #3
April 1993

"Here is a zine that almost defies description..."
Maximum RocknRoll, July 1993

"Since 1980, Frank Moore has been creating and carving a niche of his own within a creative artistic and literary community at one time traditionally reserved for others. His journey of self-identification & self-discovery as unique statements are documented not only in his fine collection of revolutionary, subversive, anarchical, magical videos, books and 'zines but now he (and Linda Mac) have been very busy again, producing and marketing The Cherotic Revolutionary, "a 'zine (according to Frank) about 'The Edge' for and by people on The Edge... if not over The Edge." With this issue we learn that TCR has not only gone through a major transformation desktop publishing/production-wise (MAC computer/laser printer) but Shaman Frank has made mega-progress in terms of his legitimate acceptance into the elite magikal inner circle of high profile "name" ex-porn industry stars turned performance artists! This magnificently stark black/white issue includes unique articles (and art) of & by Veronica Vera; photos & art of/by Annie Sprinkle; a 1982 photo of Veronica by Robert Mapplethorpe; artwork by LaBash and Lee Kay; poetry by Merle Tofer; & contributions by long-time supporters such as Luna Sanguine (writing) as well as Jan Deen, Richard Silvarnes, Wink Van Kempen, Marc Trunz, Amy Ardrey (photos), Dorothy Jesse Beagle (poetry), Dixi Cohn (poetry), etc... For those EIDOS readers who have never heard of Frank Moore, here's a brief excerpt about Frank written by Annie Sprinkle from her book, Post Porn Modernist (Torch, 1991):

"My Formal Sex Teachers"
I've learned something from every sexual encounter. Many people have contributed to my knowledge, but there are several in particular from whom I've learned major things. Frank Moore is a unique performance artist, teacher, writer, painter and philosopher. He taught me to love my body exactly the way it is. Frank has cerebral palsy, and can't walk. He doesn't have any control over his arms, he can't feed himself or go to the bathroom without help. He spells out his thoughts on a letter board by using a pointer attached to his leather headband. Although he lives in a wheelchair, he manages to accomplish many things, including having a very erotic sex life. He teaches what he calls "Eroplay", which is basically getting naked with a person or group, touching and playing sensuously, making it "sexual" but not quite. It's innocent & childlike. Eroplay is about energy, not genitals."

Whether TCR is revolutionary, evolutionary, on or over the Edge; or a liberating personal statement that, like a point on a time line, describes & defines his own personal relativism & the relativity of the entire range of his lifework to other artists and the world at large, Frank Moore deserves our unequivocal respect, love and support."

EIDOS Magazine, Volume 7 Number 2

"Frank Moore is the inspirational figure behind this whole work associating himself with very liberated public figures on the more intimate scene expressing their challenging stand towards the more constricted societal values."
The Affiliate, November 1993

"Sex in all its variations interpreted throughout stories, poems, drawings, and photographs."
Factsheet 5 #48

"The CHEROTIC REVOLUTIONARY is an important voice in any dialogue re: the relationship between sexuality and spirituality. Published/edited by renown performance artist Frank Moore, Linda Mac and friends, discussion here is pointed, an engaging read, instructive and more. The latest issue (Vol. 1, #3) contains contributions from Veronica Vera ('Glory! Glory hole-leluhia'), Annie Sprinkle and Luna Sanguine with a Situationist's take on the S & M sex industry. (There's also a piece from Frank himself, wherein he traces performance art and his own work's lineage back to its primal roots, when art combined 'with science and religion to form the primitive man's occult tool to influence both the natural and super natural worlds.' Whew! Plus: poetry, manifestos and some really awesome pen & ink art by the one and only LaBash."
the ROC

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