The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #4
January 1994

"A 'zine about 'the edge' for and by people on the edge....if not over the edge.' Put out by Linda Mac and Frank Moore, amazing person who invented the word eroplay.... For over two decades Frank has been doing ritual trance in private and public 'performances' with the magic of touch, 'going into taboo areas, to push beyond where it is comfortable and safe, to explore and build a larger zone of safeness.' I feel a deep gratitude for the risks and challenges the Inter-Relations group have taken, weaving their web of magic radical possibilities. It's like its their lava in our eruptions. 'The basic secret of magic is to like life, to love life, to throw yourself into life so completely, so extensically that you lose yourself as a source in the individual sense. You become a point in a wave' (from an upcoming piece of Frank's)."

"This erotic zine is put out by the Shamanistic teacher Frank Moore and his very creative friends. You'll find thought and emotion provoking articles, essays, poems, photos and drawings. An example is Frank's work entitled 'Tribal Performance'. He expresses, '... I am not interested in just putting my cock into your body. I want much more than sex. I want to put my whole body into your body ... I want our naked skin to melt together ...' He stresses the need and importance of touching and connecting with each other, not only with the body, but with the whole mind and spirit. To be magically alive and to truly experience! Also, the visual stuff is great. The front cover of TCR Volume 1 Issue 4, created by LaBash, is especially superb. It consists of a collage incorporating various rubber stamps such as 'Turn On', 'Free Love' and 'Flower Power'. Refreshingly reminiscent of the late 60's and early 70's! All this with a sense of humor too, as evidenced by the words of Frank Moore. After getting nice reviews and receiving 'friendly letters' from advertising agencies asking for ad rates, he writes, 'It is a cause for concern ...are we getting too slick, too acceptable ... are we, god forbid, politically correct ... or to use the more politically correct term for politically correct ... are we culturally sensitive? Is there a worse fate? Like being undead ...'"
Open Forum #6, June 1994 (Athens, Greece)

"A curious mixture of sex, spirituality and tribal magic. Warm Silk, by Carol Queen was really good - truly erotic, which is something not many things are. Generally mad bad gender bending stereotype bashing (like people with disabilities are sexual) taboo breaking material. Photos by Annie Sprinkle and one by Nina Glaser which I found quite disturbing, a moving and disturbing poem about incarceration in a mental hospital, various other poetry in lighter veins, and articles and prose. Guaranteed to deeply offend some people and delight others."
ByPass (England)

"Here we have a stylishly-done zine with erotica, cool artwork, photos, poetry and more. It's fun to read and look at because it seems to have a variety of people submitting stuff. Seeing as much of the content deals with sex, it's not for anti-body types."
Sniper's Nest #2, Fall 1994

"I just got ... The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary and I am blown away. This is an incredible zine, you should be very proud!!! I was so impressed I dropped everything I was doing and read it cover to cover."
Molly Holzschlag, artist

"Thanks for TC(r)#4. You guys are doing great work."
Roma, Good Vibrations

"Frank Moore is a legend around these parts - organizing performances and workshops about the transformative nature of tribal sex magic. This is an intense zine mixing psychedelia, rubber stamps, photographs, poetry, and rants .... If you can't make it to one of his workshops he also produces books, videos, and audio tapes."
R. Seth Friedman, Factsheet Five

"Frank Moore has earned a name for himself in the Bay Area by organizing performances and workshops about the transformative nature of tribal sex magic. This intense 'zine mixes articles on psychedelia with photographs, poetry, and essays."
R. Seth Friedman, Bay Guardian

"The cover art leads us to believe this issue will take us back to the counterculture of the '60s sexual revolution. But thirty years later, what with desktop publishing, GEnie/e-mail, Tower Records distribution, inquiries from advertising agencies, printers & record companies and feeling great about offending separatist/ sexist/ elitist politically-correct feminists and gays, performance artist and shaman publisher Frank Moore appears content with the knowledge and wisdom he's acquired from the successes of his lifework!! Another Highly Recommended issue of TCR, 'a zine about 'The Edge' for and by people on The Edge if not over The Edge."
EIDOS magazine Vol 7 #4 1994

"Art, sexuality, breaking barriers."
Slingshot, Vol 1 #51, May 1994

"Frank Moore, with Linda Mac's strong assistance, has not been deterred by his 99 per cent physical disability and the inspiration he generates with the friends who tag along are a whole story of determination in itself. Add his challenging stand for passion, love and freedom."
Peter Riden, The Affiliate (Canada)

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