Frankly Speaking #8

Saturday, April 24, 1999

Ok! Stop your whining! I’m sick of people asking when is the new TC[r] coming out! We here have a life … we ain’t on some fucking time clock! So you have this new issue in your hands, in front of your eyes. So it took two years to create an issue that will make you sweat … and I don’t mean just sweat in your armpits! I mean sweating mind/brain/soul. I mean sweating sex. I mean sweating eyeballs. To take this journey of art, ideas, nude bodies, and other turns-on, you need to be to prepared to be soaked. And we have the artists, writers, and photographers whose passions will addict you, arouse your own passions. That is why we are here! More about passion in a minute. But …

We tried to thin down this issue to save on money. And we did real good. We cut about fifty percent of what we wanted to put in. (So you who are not in here … we sweat blood to get you in. But the laws of physics got in our way!) But when we laid out what we had swindled it down to, we still had more pages than last issue. We just said fuck the profit margin (whatever that is) … this is what we want to put out! Thus, the plump lusty broad which you are fondling right now! We love when you fondle us!

Ok! We didn’t spend the two years getting this issue together. We, in the form of Coralhei, have started DIGGER UNDERGROUND DISTRIBUTION EXCHANGE, a free service to get zines etc. out in the San Francisco Bay Area (DUDE’S address is Digger Underground Distribution Exchange, 6201 Harwood, Oakland, CA 94618).

We also have created a huge underground artistic playground/community on the internet. Its home is As a part of this, we have started a web radio station, LOVE UNDERGROUND VISION RADIO … or LUVeR for short ( We have artists around the world doing shows (either live or on tape) on/for LUVeR. In fact, you can hear many of the people in this issue …. and past issues … on LUVeR. Of course LUVeR has the free nonlinear reality of TC(r). All this is to say, we now want not only your writing and art, but also your music, tapes, cds, readings, gigs, programs … well, use your imagination! Send them to:

Frank Moore
P.O. Box 11445
Berkeley, CA 94712

Now, back to talking about

Passions don’t burn out
bliss don’t boil away
fuel of life
is for a lifetime
burnt out?
Kill yourself…
or stop using
glamor, hype,
romantic drug
to rush above
everyday reality

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