Frankly Speaking #3

There are changes around here. Well, what do you expect from a zine with "revolution" as its last name? And that may be one of the changes ... our name appears to be in the process of changing itself from The Cherotic Revolutionary to The Cherotic Evolutionary. A revolution is a mutation from the normal as-is reality, an experiment and an adventure into newness. The purpose of a revolution, and any mutation, is to break new ground for evolution ... to prod evolution along. Revolution, if it is to be successful, must be a tool, not an end. But we will have to wait until the next issue to see if our name really does change.

Another important change is we have created Inter-Relations to take over the publishing chores of both TCR and my book Cherotic Magic from S/R Press. I owe a lot to Kyle Griffith of S/R Press. He was the one who pushed for the publishing of the book ... and then strongly suggested we come out with a zine.

So this is the first Inter-Relations publication. (Very soon, we will be coming out with a revised edition of Cherotic Magic.) So now being both the editors and the publishers, Linda and I along with LaBash are totally to blame (or to praise) for this. By the way, we don't accept blame through the mail!

Magically we got our hands on a Mac computer and a laser printer ... which explains the embarrassing good quality of this. It does not mean my rich aunt died ... or that I sold out. In fact, we had to break the material we have into half. What you have in your hand is just the first half. The next issue will be the second half.

In the past issues, I walked you around to meet everyone in the issues. But there are just too many artists in this one to do that. You know Mapplethorpe and Annie Sprinkle and Veronica Vera as sexual artists. If you're in the know in the art world, you probably know Linda Carmella Sibio as the Los Angeles performance artist who does things like a musical on suicide. If you are into poetry, you probably know Merle Tofer as a neo-beat ... who is trying to take the crown of the king of name-droppers away from me. (Check out his new poetry book Sensitized to Pain with LaBash's illustrations.) If you read TCR before, you know the work of Dorothy Jesse Beagle, Lee Kay, and Luna. And we all should have known Dixie Cohn.

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