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The Frank Moore posters and other drawings by Michael LaBash

If you lived in Berkeley, California from 1990 through 2013, you were likely exposed to the artwork of LaBash through the posters of shaman/performance artist Frank Moore.  LaBash was Moore’s live-in graphic designer and all-around ”tech guy”.  Most of the work in this book was created for Moore’s performance work and books, and for the zine, The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary, that they published from 1991-1999.  It also includes work LaBash created for other artists like Barb Golden and the band, Mutant Press.

“Michael LaBash has become known in the zine subculture for his complex drawings of a liquid melting erotic world of multi-gender dream creatures existing beyond taboo, morals and good taste.”
—Frank Moore

336 pages from the “mind” of LaBash!

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Lava Pen Indeed!
5.0 out of 5 stars
September 27, 2023
A wonderful collection of Michael LaBash's art, this book highlights the creative flow, the exuberant dark humor and joyousness that surrounded Bay Area performance artist Frank Moore. The posters, CD covers, flyers and announcements are interspersed with a fantastic cascade of Michael's imagery. A great piece of art for your art book collection. — Clementine Moss

OUR TITS OF THE MONTH uh...ARTIST OF THE MONTH  “Michael LaBash is from Berkeley, CA and is one of the most chaotic and beautifully perverted artists in the underground.  He works with Frank Moore and they produce one of the coolest and free-spirited mags around called The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary.”
—The Flashing Astonisher #6 June 1996

“Michael LaBash's drawings are hilarious and delightful.”
—Ralph Haselmann, Lucid Moon

“Thanks for the LaBash artwork.  I dig it.  Fuckin’ really cool, man.  I love all that psychedelic shit.  Something for the eye to look at in every corner.  And he’s not afraid to delve into the perverted areas of the human psyche.  Keep it up LaBash.  Keep it up.”
—Dave Dannov, artist

“Fascinating stuff!  Marquis de Sade meets Basil Wolverton.”
—Reed Waller, artist

“The art by LaBash throughout this issue is simply brilliant and the back cover is a thing of beauty (but not meant for the uptight).”

“Your artwork is lookin great!  I fuckin love these things!  I haven't seen anything _this_ hot since I first looked (many years ago) at the work of my friends S. Clay Wilson and Keith Haring!  Your work has sharpened up and crystallized into a really snazzy psychedelic view of heaven, hell, and purgatory---all at the same time! (insane man!) cool cool”
—Art Long, artist

“Every Frank Moore publication I've seen has a cover by LaBash whose drawings are Bezerkeley trippy, trance, erotic and seem to jump off the coffee table into your face.  EEK! ... On the back is “Lorena Bobbit Buddha”, worth the five bucks the magazine will cost you.”
—P-FORM #40

“And things wouldn’t be complete without Michael LaBash’s playful hallucinogenic drawings popping up everywhere.”
—Bleeding Velvet Octopus #10

“This idea of inter‑connectedness runs throughout the teachings of Frank Moore and also appears in the artwork of LaBash (whose splendid work appears in all the TCRs).”
—Open Forum #9 (Athens, Greece)


336 pages.
Black & White.

Crown Quarto (7.44 x 9.68 in / 189 x 246 mm)

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