The Cherotic Revolutionary

The Cherotic Revolutionary

The Cherotic Revolutionary 1
TC(r) #1
The Cherotic Revolutionary 2
TC(r) #2
The Cherotic Revolutionary 3
TC(r) #3
The Cherotic Revolutionary 4
TC(r) #4
The Cherotic Revolutionary 5
TC(r) #5

The Cherotic Revolutionary 6
TC(r) #6
The Cherotic Revolutionary 7
TC(r) #7
The Cherotic Revolutionary 8
TC(r) #8


“I found The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary very refreshing.... It's nice to see a small press that is not trying to model itself after one of the larger presses.”
Andersen Prunty, ABSENT

“I love the maga/zine I think it's smart and playful...a rare combination.”
Betty, Wooden Shoe Bookstore, Philadelphia

“THE CHEROTIC REVOLUTIONARY "A zine about 'The Edge' for and by people on The Edge...if not over The Edge."
Published and edited by Frank Moore and Linda Mac.
Frank is a shamanistic teacher, author, and performer whose zine reflects the Berkeley I remember
sexual, artistic, bold, yet soft, loving, and at times, crippled (whats is the PC word?) less than perfect (like the rest of us).
Articles, poems, photos, commentary, posters.”
The Whole Sex Catalog Suppliment, 1995, Synergy Book Service

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Copies available for a suggested donation of $10 each.
To Order, send check made payable to INTER-RELATIONS to:
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NEW! The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary COMPLETE 1991-1999
The complete collection of all 9 issues of TCR!
Available in hardcover (and paperback coming soon)

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The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary (1991-1999)
by Stephen Perkins, May 9, 2019

Original version on his blog:

The version on the Frank Moore Archives Blog:

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Check out photos of an exhibit of a part of the
Inter-Relations Small Press Collection at the Alameda County Library, Albany Branch, Albany, California.


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