The Uncomfortable Zones Of Fun - February 2010

Frank Moore’s
The Uncomfortable Zones Of Fun
experiments in experience/participation performance

at Temescal Arts Center, Oakland, California
Saturday, May 28, 2011

This performance was clearly a piece within the larger performance which is the series which has been going on for about two years.  It just took off as if we had started where we left off last month.  People came back from previous times ready to play, bringing other people who also were ready to play.  Then there was the woman who said she came because she heard that somebody sucked a cock at a previous expedition [I neither confirmed nor denied that].  That forced us to jump fully into the meat extremely quickly.  Wonder what would have happened if I went for the obvious blowjob instead of going to the mysterious dance of erotic friction which brings up aroused intimacy of going outside taboos.  [I have to try going for the obvious blowjob sometime!]

So things went surreal and stayed there all night.  Everyone participated deeply.  I used all my tricks and tools: slides, strobe lights, random readings of my writings, the gestures which I have made more explicit, etc. There were layers of different activities in the room.  On one end of the room were Tomek, Shirt, Abigail, etc. playing music joyfully.  On the other end were the dancers working through morality, individualism, freedom, going beyond the comfortable acceptable thing, or not!  In the middle of the room readers were totally jamming, when they were not playing dress-up.  The altered state of awe was only limited by a fast fragile romantic wax which ultimately ended the performance early. 

But all in all, it was a great night!  But what if I had gone for the obvious blowjob? 

Da Boyz
There had been several calls about the performance leading up to it, which was not always the case, so we wondered who actually would come!?  A beautiful day had turned to unexpected rain showers, but Frank’s weather karma won the day again, and the skies cleared both for loading into Temescal, and for loading out at the end of the night, although we did hear a downpour against the skylights during the performance itself! 
Frank’s painting “Toni” was the new addition to the performance set-up this time.  It is always amazing to see how Mikee’s backdrops and Frank’s computer paintings blown up on large hanging vinyls, the light gels, xmas lights, etc., all transform the space into a magical cave … and then at the end of the night, to see the space again after everything has been packed away, the long white walls and bare wood floor, as Linda said later, “Poof!”  Gone in a burst of magic dust!
The first to arrive tonight were Shirt and Abigail.  Shirt had come to the last performance in April, had played music, and really enjoyed it.  He was the one who had went out on the street and pulled a group, on their way to get some ice cream, into the performance!  He had brought Abigail this time.  Right on their heels was a group of three, two girls and a guy.  Everyone came in and sat on the rugs … it was not quite 8pm, and as soon as Frank had his pointer set up, he asked everyone to come closer.
He started talking with one of the girls.  She had seen a flier at University & Sacramento.  (We had noticed on the way over that those fliers were still up, which meant they had been up for days, great!)  She had thought it sounded unusual and fun, and it was free!  In the course of Frank talking with her friend next to her, and then the guy, Dan, we found out that the first girl was the “ring-leader”, and that she often came up with “adventures” for the three of them, and that they always went along with whatever she came up with, and they always made it fun.  Dan had gotten a text from her, “be at my place in 20 minutes!”, and that’s how he heard about it.  Frank asked him if he always does what she tells him to do?  They all laughed.  Dan said yes!  The other girl said yes too.  Frank asked them what kind of adventures they go on?  Dan couldn’t come up with an example …  Frank asked the ringleader if he could top their previous adventures?  She said he could try!  But Frank wanted a hint so that he knew what he needed to “top”!  The ringleader said she was just going along with the joke, but she couldn’t really think of a good example for Frank to “top”.  He also asked her how adventurous she was willing to be, and she said “We’ll see!” 
Actually, one of the first things Frank had asked the ringleader was “What do you do?”  She quickly answered, “I live.”  Frank: “What do you do for fun?”  Ringleader: “This. Now.”  Linda said later, after the performance, that this kind of response to the question of “what do you do?” seemed to come up more and more … people don’t seem to want to say what they do, and maybe it had to do with wanting to remain anonymous …
Now Frank turned to Abigail … what had Shirt told her about last month’s performance?  She said he had told her about the costumes and music and people having a really good time, and improvisation …  Frank asked her how adventurous she was willing to be?  And she said pretty adventurous!  Frank asked her if she would undress the cameraman?  She looked to Mikee and Corey, asking, “Which one?”  Frank said, “Either, both” …   She said with a giggle, “sure!  Do they want to be undressed?”  Mikee and Corey said yeah!  So she went to Mikee and then Corey, and took off their clothes, giggling!
Frank turned to the “ringleader” and asked her if she could come up with something for him to do?  She said she was sorry, she couldn’t think of anything, she was not that good coming up with ideas out of the blue … So Frank asked her if she would undress Erika, and she said sure, and undressed Erika. 
Several others had just come in … a guy with glasses, and a woman with short hair, who stayed toward the back …  The guy came up close, sitting next to the “ringleader”.  He said right away that it reminded him of elementary school, everyone sitting together on rugs on the floor … Frank said, “Exactly!”  And there was another guy too who came in at this time, a guy in a white sweater … 
Frank turned to the guy with glasses.  How had he heard about the performance?  He had seen a flier too.  And what had attracted him to the performance?  It was “uncomfortable” and “fun” … he was interested in the edge where “uncomfortable” and “fun” met.  Frank asked him, “What is ‘uncomfortable’?”  He said it could be a number of things … being uncertain, not knowing what is expected of you, having expectations that don’t synch with reality, not recognizing yourself in something you do, not knowing what your role is …  Then Frank asked him, “What is ‘fun’?”  He said being with people, and feeling connected with people, and when there is a “flow”. 
Somewhere in here, Linda explained how the performance used to be called “Reality Playings”, but after month after month of people coming and talking about how they wouldn’t do something because it was outside of their “comfort” zone, Frank decided to change the name to “The Uncomfortable Zones of Fun”!  Frank then talked about how you cannot really be comfortable when you have “comfort zones”, because comfort zones are fragile.  You can only really be comfortable outside of comfort zones.  There was a back and forth with the guy with glasses about going beyond the comfort zones, and he said something like that you may still be uncomfortable, but not in the same way because you have already gotten past what made you uncomfortable, and Frank said something that described expanding your zone of safeness by doing this … the guy got what Frank was saying.
Frank then turned to the guy in the sweater … how had he heard about the performance?  He had seen a listing in the East Bay Express.  What had attracted him?  Well, he said, the baby was asleep, and his wife was willing to stay home and hold down the fort so that he could go find something interesting to do …
Frank then turned to the woman with short hair … he asked her how she had heard about the performance … she needed the mic … once she had the mic in her hand, she got really into talking into the mic, and cracked up at herself enjoying it so much!  She said something about really liking it, and Frank said, “I am lazy, you can talk all night!”  And she kidded, “What if I am lazy too?” 
She said she had heard about the performance from a friend who had been to one of the performances, and had talked about sucking a penis at the performance!  We all looked at each other, minds racing through the performances wondering when/who she might have been talking about?  Frank said, “How do you feel about that, not that I am confirming or denying that it happened?”  The crowd laughed! 
She said that she thought it was great!  And that there should be more of that kind of thing in public settings.  Frank then asked her if she would do an erotic dance with him, nude?  She said yes she would.  “With erotic friction?”  She said she was not sure what that means?  Someone called out, “lapdance” …  We think Frank asked her what she thought it was?  She wasn’t really sure, but it seemed that she was willing to explore it.  Frank said that if she was ok with sucking, then erotic friction should not be a problem.  She said ok.  Frank asked her if Erika could undress her?  She said ok …  And then once she was undressed, Frank asked if she would help Linda undress him?  She said sure …  Frank asked the ringleader if she would read randomly from his writings binder while they danced?  And then told everyone else that they could play any of the instruments laid out there …   Everyone eagerly joined the people like Shirt and Abigail who were already playing.  Plus Tomek had arrived and was set up and beginning to play too!  Frank moved to the “stage” area … an open space on the floor in front of the big Mikee backdrop, and he and the short-haired woman began to dance. 
This was a long section of the performance, which was really amazing …  On one hand, the “dancer” seemed very tentative, not getting very physically close to Frank, seemed to be skittish about touching, letting go into it …  At the same time, there was an incredible musical journey rolling along, and the readings from the binder were amazing!  Frank also had the strobes put on, the lights lowered and the slides run …  The ringleader read randomly from the binder, and as often was the case, the words seemed to reflect upon what was going on, as if to point the “dancer” in the direction of what Frank was going for … she read Frank’s poem “dance of no dancers” almost first thing!
And then they started taking turns reading, the three friends … and Abigail read too.  Abigail would read almost in a singing, hip hop style, which gave a completely new feeling to Frank’s words.  Sometimes we did not even recognize what they were reading … Linda said afterward that she wondered at one point if they had dipped into the boxes of free zines and were reading from something else!!  But no, it seems like it was because they each read so differently and so expressively, really enjoying it.  At one point, when she was not reading, the ringleader started putting jewelry and costumes on her friends while they read … pearl necklaces, scarves wrapped around Dan’s head … and then was doing shadow-play with her hands in front of the slides … The dad stayed for a long time playing music, and so did the young guy with glasses.  A young woman came and left during this period, and seemed to really enjoy what was going on.  A guy arrived to meet her, and they left together before Frank had a chance to even talk with her, but she left a donation before she left! 
One of the pieces that they read was something we all didn’t recognize at first … an amazing story about a deep dark woods outside of town, near where the carnivals set up their tents … again it seemed to be referring to the performance itself, to what was going on.  With the music playing behind it, it really blew us away … It turned out it was Frank’s poem, “The Imagination Woods” … amazing!
At some point, Frank called Linda over to dance with them … Linda undressed and joined the dance … she seemed to be guiding the “dancer”, with Frank, into more touch, intimacy, friction … but the dancer did not seem to be able to go there, and yet seemed willing … and for a while there was a lot of talking, which you couldn’t hear because of the music and the readings …. At some point, Frank requested the reading of “wrapping/rocking” …  and after some time of talking, the dancer got on Frank’s lap, and rocked, and Frank/Linda seemed to be coaching her into letting go, into more “friction” …  she seemed to really be going through a lot with all of this.  Linda said later that one of the things she said to them was that she was used to things being very “intentional”, meaning that she would decide to do something, and do it.  It seemed to mean something about control vs. surrender.  Yet she still wanted to continue, and to rock with Frank, etc.
Meanwhile the music and the readings jammed on, wonderful, incredible! 
When Frank returned to his spot, and had the board and pointer on again, another guy had taken over the mic, a guy with wild hair who had followed another woman with long curly hair … because by this time, the ringleader trio had left already.  It turned out that this was “Disco Ball” and Maggie.  Maggie had come to a performance months ago, and then came to meet with Frank in his studio, and had been corresponding with Frank ever since. 
At this point, we think Frank asked the young guy with glasses who had talked about “uncomfortable”/”fun” if he was having fun?  He was … he said he had fun playing music with everyone … he said more, but now we can’t remember what he said!!
Maggie and Disco Ball were sitting together, and Frank asked if this was “light bulb” ...?  He meant “Disco”!  He asked Disco what Maggie had told him about the performances?  Disco said that she had told him about their being nudity and improvisation, but she was vague about it …    Frank also asked him what he thought so far?  He said he was enjoying himself, liked playing music, he said he felt comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time … he said he really liked what Frank created, the way the space looked, the paintings, he liked all the colors, he felt relaxed … and he said that Frank had gathered a lot of nice friendly warm people together.  (we can’t remember exactly how he said it, but that was the gist of it!)  He said the thing that makes him most uncomfortable was the person sitting next to him – Maggie!  And at some point, Maggie said to Frank that they would be hitting him up for some relationship counseling!
In the context of what Maggie had told Disco about the performance beforehand, Frank asked Disco if Maggie could undress him and then dress him in the costumes and jewelry.  He said yes.  There was a “romantic” nervousness between them, so it didn’t happen right away, but after a back and forth between them about whether she wanted to undress him or not, they went over to the costume area and she undressed him and then dressed him up in Frank’s skirt, and other items … 
When they sat back down, Frank asked Maggie if she could guess what he was going to ask next?  She said she thought so … something about taking off her clothes?  “Exactly,” Frank said.  He asked if Disco could take off her clothes, etc.?  She said yes, and then they got back up and went over to the costume area, and Disco undressed her and then put on a net dress, ripped and cut in all the right spots!  And various other accoutrements … 
When they sat back down, Disco said something about liking the costumes, and Maggie said that he was used to dressing up/dressing up women, that he was an aspiring fashion designer …  Frank and Linda told them about Frank’s movie, Feisto, about the being from another reality that changes a fashion designer’s life!  Disco said that he really liked hearing about the movie, that he was interested in making movies himself.  Frank asked him what kind of movies he makes?  He said that they always have humor, which he thought was important, even if the subject was dark … he said he was working on one now that was about death, had a devil character in it, demons etc., but had a lot of humor. And he was an optimistic person, so it had a happy ending. Frank said that his films always have happy endings, and he got shit for that.  Disco said he liked that … he said people think it can’t be a serious movie if it has a happy ending! 
Frank asked Maggie and Disco if they would dance erotically with the double elastic waistband?  They agreed.  And while they started to dance, Frank suggested that they could do Gestures, which Linda would read, and they would do while they danced together.  It was great!  Connected at the waist, they did gestures like sticking out and curling their tongues, rubbing noses, exploring each other’s knees and thighs, erotically, explore each other’s butts magically, lick each other’s ears  … there was one about touching your genitals for body comfort, and Maggie started banging into Disco!  Frank said, “Define genitals.”  Laughter! 
At some point, Frank said for them to sit back down.  Frank said to Maggie at some point during the gestures, “A long way from Ohio, eh?”  She said yes, and pointed out that Disco was from Iowa!
When they were sitting back down, Frank said he was available for relationship counseling, and he has a sliding scale from $20-$50 a session.  Disco was saying they really needed it, and he even said maybe they should give it a shot.  Maggie said something along the lines of, “I don’t know, maybe it would help, do you think it is worth it, Frank?”  Frank replied, “Make that $30-$60” !!!  Frank said that it would be in his studio, and he is good.  Maggie said she knows his studio …   Disco kept saying things here and there about being scared of Maggie, being scared of “this lady”.  Frank said he would give Disco a free clue: “Quit calling her ‘lady’.”  He said she calls him “boy”!  And Maggie explained that there was an age difference …  But Disco said ok, he would try that. 
There was a lull … Maggie asked if this was the end of the performance?  Linda asked Frank, is this the end?  Yes it was …  Maggie said something like she could feel that, being a performer herself. 
Frank turned to Shirt, asking him how it compared to last month?  Shirt said it was a lot faster paced, that Frank got right down to it … not as much chatting at the beginning.  He really liked it.  Frank said that Shirt didn’t go out and get people off the street this time …  but Shirt pointed to Abigail, and said that she was right off the street, born and raised! 
Frank asked Abigail what she thought, and she said she really enjoyed it, really liked playing all the different musical instruments …  Frank asked if she could expand on this?  She said she liked watching the people dancing, and those two (Maggie and Disco) in their silly cuteness!  Frank asked her to come back.  Shirt told Frank and Linda, before he and Abigail left, again how much he enjoyed it, and said that he might be gone for the summer, he wasn’t sure … Linda said that we were planning on continuing through the year, so he could come again when he gets back. 
Shirt and Abigail left, and at some point Tomek packed up and left too.  He said it was great!  Frank told him at one point that Shirt had been filling in for him in his absence! 
Now it was only Maggie and Disco left.  Frank and Linda showed Maggie the new Art of a Shaman, which she looked at … and Frank sold her a discounted copy for $15.  Frank signed it and inscribed it to her: “If you go beyond your limits, you will find what you are looking for.”  Maggie seemed to take it very seriously as Frank spelled it out.  Frank told her and Disco to come back, and he said to Maggie, “next month, I will have something special for you and I to do together.”  Maggie said ok. 
Maggie and Disco headed out … Disco had a handful of give-away CDs!  We broke things down, talking about the night, how amazing it was …  Frank did it, again!


We got to the space and started setting everything up.  There was some rain when we loaded up at home but then when Frank got up to get ready to come to the performance the weather cleared.  Frank and his amazing weather karma!  We set up the floor mats and blankets, costumes, backdrops and Christmas lights.  It's amazing how quickly the room is transformed into a warm cozy, colorful cave. Frank's new painting Toni on vinyl was up along the back wall and looked amazing!

The first people to arrive were a group of three who came together and a guy named Shirt who had come to the last performance.  He brought his base clarinet again and a friend named Abigail.  Frank told everyone to move up closer on the mat.  Frank asked the woman of the three people who came in together how they found out about the performance. She saw a flyer up on a telephone pole at University and Sacramento.  Frank asked her what she was attracted to on the flyer and she said that it looked unusual and fun. Frank asked her what she does and she said that she lives.  Frank asked her what she does for fun and she said well, now I am here at the performance and we go on other fun adventures.  Whatever we do together we always have fun.  The guy Dan who was with her said that he just got a text saying meet them at her house in 20 minutes and they would be going on an adventure.  Frank asked if he always does what she says and he said well, yes! The other woman with them said she always does what their "ring leader," says too. Frank asked Dan what kind of adventures they go on and he could not say. Two out of the three had not seen the flyer for the performance before they came. Frank had Linda read the flyer. "World known Shaman will conduct improvised passions of musicians, actors and audience members in a laboratory setting to create altered realities of fusion beyond taboos. Bring your passions and musical instruments and your sense of adventure and humor." Frank asked if he could top their adventures and she said maybe she was just going along with the joke.  Frank asked her to give him a clue and they couldn't. He asked her how adventurous she would be and she said we'll see. 

A guy came who also saw a flyer up.  He said that it felt like elementary school when everyone sits on a mat together and has fun.  He was attracted to the flyer because it put fun and uncomfortable together.  He was interested in the edge where uncomfortable and fun meet. Frank asked him what fun was.  He said it was when you are together with people and you feel a flow and a connection.  Frank asked him what uncomfortable was and he said when you don't know what is expected of you, when your role in a situation is not clear, when you feel uncertain or don't recognize yourself in what you are doing.  Linda said that the name of the performances had been "Reality Playings," and many times people would talk about not wanting to do something because of their "comfort zones." So, Frank changed the name so that it would be clear to people what the performance was about.  Frank said that staying in your comfort zone is fragile.  You cannot be truly comfortable when you have comfort zones.  By going into what is uncomfortable you expand your comfort, true comfort.  He really seemed to understand what Frank was saying.

There was a guy who said that he came because the baby was in bed and his wife was willing to hold down the fort for a while.  He looked in the East Bay Express and found the performance listed there.  Shirt said that it was great to be back.  He really had a great time last time. Linda told everyone about how Shirt had come to the last performance and gone out on the street and pulled three people into the performance.  Frank told them that we were all plants and everyone had gone along with it.  A couple of the people that he brought in off the street had very powerful experiences coming up to sit next to Frank and reading poems from his writings binder.  Frank asked Abigail Shirt's friend what Shirt had told her about the performance. She said that he said there was music, costumes, improvisation and dancing, nudity.  Frank asked her how adventurous she would be and she said pretty adventurous. Frank asked her if she would undress the camera guy.  She said yes if they wanted to. Linda asked which camera guy and Frank said both, so she undressed Mikee and then Corey.  Frank asked the woman who was the ring leader who brought her two friends if she could come up with something for Frank to do.  She said she wasn't good at coming up with things.  Frank asked her if she would undress Erika and she said yes so she went over and undressed Erika. 

Next Frank asked a woman who was sitting off to the side near the instruments how she had heard of the performance. She needed the mic and was really enjoying talking into the mic.  Frank said that he was lazy and that she could talk all night in the mic.  She said what if I am lazy too? She said that she had a friend who had come to a performance and her friend had sucked a penis at the performance. We all looked at each other trying to think which performance she might have been talking about.  Frank said that he was not confirming or denying that such a thing had happened but how did she feel about it? She said that it was good and something that should happen more in public. Frank asked her what she does and she said now I am uncomfortable.  I am writing a book about people who perform music on the street.  Frank asked her if she performs music on the street and she said yes she plays Kirtan and tries to get people to join her when she plays on the streets.  Frank asked her if she would dance erotically with him.  She said yes.  He said will you dance nude with me and she said yes.  With erotic friction?  She said that she didn't know what erotic friction was.  Frank said if you are ok with sucking then you should be ok with erotic friction.  Someone said a lap dance?  She said that she still didn't know what erotic friction was but would try.  Frank asked the woman who came with her two friends if she would read from his book of writings. Linda got the book set up with a head flashlight. Frank asked the woman who was going to dance with him if Erika could undress her and she said yes. Erika went over and undressed her and then Frank asked if she would help Linda undress him which she did. 

The lights were dimmed, the slides began on the wall and the strobe lights came on.  Tomek came at this point and started playing music.  There were several people who got up to make music.  The woman started to dance with Frank and the readings from Frank's writings binder began. This part lasted for a long time with a bunch of people including a couple of new people joining in to make a web of amazing music.  People took turns spontaneously going up to Frank's writings books and reading powerfully and passionately. The readings started with "Dance of No Dancers," and included "Magical Woods," about a deep dark woods. The words being read reflected what was happening in the performance. The woman who was dancing with Frank was tentative about getting close to Frank and after a while Linda got undressed and joined them.  Frank and Linda were talking with her. She seemed to be going through a lot of changes.  Later Linda said that she was talking about how she was used to things being very intentional, she would decide to do something and do it and this was very different. Frank requested that Abigail read "Wrapping and Rocking," and she read it in a singing hip hop way that was amazing.  Frank asked the woman if she would rock on Frank's lap.  At first she said no but then when Frank said he was going to go back to his board and pointer she said she wanted to. Linda couched her to rock on Frank's lap, coaching her to melt into her and Frank but still she seemed tentative. Frank asked Abigail if she would come up and dance with him.  She took off her shirt but did not want to take off her skirt and then said that she didn't want to dance then maybe later. The ring master started dressing her friends up in scarves and jewelry. They were having a lot of fun reading and dressing up. Erika joined Frank and Linda dancing with the woman.  She soon stopped dancing and went over to play music. Frank Linda and Erika continued a juicy dance. 

Frank went back over to where his board and pointer were. He asked Shirt how it was so far and he said it was great.  Frank asked him to compare it to last time and he said that this time was faster pasted, Frank got to it right away. There was less talking at the beginning and that it was amazing, amazing what Frank does.  The guy who was interested in the edge of comfort and fun said that he had a great time. It was fun playing music with everyone.

By this time Maggie had arrived and had been playing toy instruments.  Maggie had come to a performance a few months ago and met with Frank in his studio. The three people who had come together had left and another woman had come, played some instruments for a while and left.  There was a guy with Maggie and Frank asked her if this was Light Bulb?  Oh she said Disco Ball. Maggie said that they were going to hit Frank up for some couple's counseling later.  Frank asked Disco Ball what he thought so far.  He was looking around the room really checking everything out and taking it all in.  He said that there was a really good relaxed feeling, that the feeling in the space was great, all the art on the walls were amazing.  He said that Frank seemed to attract really good people to be around him. He said the only reason he felt uncomfortable was because he didn't know what was going to happen next.  Frank asked him what Maggie had told him about the performances.  He said she told him that there was nudity and improvisation and well actually she had been vague.  Frank asked Maggie if she would undress Disco and dress him up in the costumes.  He said yes and after a bit of back and forth between them they got up.  Maggie said that she usually makes him say yes about 5 times and yes we need couples counseling.  They went up and Maggie undressed Disco and dressed him in costumes. She dressed him in Frank's flame skirt, some mess pants, a cut up dress around the neck and some jewelry.  They sat back down and Frank said do you know what I am going to ask next?  Maggie said yes she did.  Frank asked if Disco would undress Maggie and dress her in the costumes.  Maggie said that he should be good at that since he was a fashion designer. Disco said he was a fashion designer and also he wanted to make films. Frank said that he made a movie about a fashion designer. The fashion designer meets Feisto, played by Frank in the woods and their relationship changes her life. Frank asked him why he didn't make films now and he said that he does. He said that he makes short films that are humorous but dark at the same time.  Like right now he is making a film where parts of it are about death and the devil and demons but they are funny with happy endings because he is an optimist.  Frank said that his films always have happy endings and he gets shit for that.  Disco said that people think that you cannot make a serious movie with a happy ending.  

Disco and Maggie got up and went back over to the costumes.  He undressed her and dressed her in a cut up purple dress and jewelry.  Lind told them that it was our 82 year old church going neighbor Betty who gave us most of the jewelry.  She liked to watch the performances on TV.  Disco and Maggie sat down in their costumes.  Frank asked them if they would dance in the double elastic piece which is two pieces of elastic sewn together. They got up and got into it and danced a little.  Frank added in gestures to their dance.  Linda read off the gestures as they danced in the adjoining elastic. Abigail and Shirt played drums and musical instruments.  Some of the gestures were things like curl your tongues playfully, rub each other’s bodies, rub each other’s knees, lick each other’s ears, explore each other’s butts magically, rub genitals for body pleasure.  They bumped up against each other but were not rubbing genitals. Disco said "ouch". Frank said define genitals. Frank said a long way from Ohio.  Maggie had come to a performance several months ago where she didn't want to get naked because people in Ohio don't get naked in public.  After the gestures Disco said Maggie looked softer dressed in the costume, not as scary.  Maggie said that they needed couples counseling and Frank said that he was available.  He said he had a sliding scale $20-$50 and that they would meet in his studio. Maggie said do you think it’s worth it Frank?  Frank said in that case he would raise his sliding scare to $30-$60 and it would be in his studio.  Maggie said that she knew his studio.  Disco kept saying that the only thing he was scared of was this lady sitting next to him referring to Maggie.  Frank said he would give him a free hint, stop calling her lady.  He said that Maggie sometimes calls him boy and Maggie said well there was an age difference between them.  Disco said he would try stopping calling her lady and counseling would be good.

On his way out Shirt said that he had a great time and again what a great thing Frank does.  He said he might be away for the summer but he would come back and he was taking some more copies of Frank's, "Magical Act of Doing," to hand out to people. Linda said that Shirt hadn't gone out and got people off the street to come to the performance.  He said yes I did, I brought Abigail who was born and raised on the streets. Abigail said that she had a really fun time, playing music with people, watching the dancing and Disco and Maggie in their cuteness.  Frank and Linda showed Maggie Frank's new book, “Art of a Shaman, 10 years in the making.  Maggie asked how much it was.  There were discounted copies and Frank said for you $15.  Frank signed her copy of the book and inscribed on it "If you go past your limits you will find what you are looking for." Maggie seemed to take this very seriously. Frank said for them to come back next time and it would be his birthday.  He said that he would have something special for Maggie to do with him.  She said ok. Disco found a stack of cds in the giveaway box to take with them on their way out.

Another amazing performance! 

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