The Uncomfortable Zones Of Fun - February 2010

Frank Moore’s
The Uncomfortable Zones Of Fun
experiments in experience/participation performance

at Temescal Arts Center, Oakland, California
Saturday, April 23, 2011

The performance Saturday was like eating at an Italian family restaurant! Courses, in the form of people, kept coming in all night. Actually an audience member was so moved that he disappeared at one point into the street and dragged strangers into the theatre. Two of the strangers got extremely into the tribal community which had been created. Most of the people who came were ready to play, even bringing their own musical instruments [even the woman who is a buyer for the rich (buying literally shit for them!) brought her harmonica]. They cleaned out our three bins of free stuff which we have been carrying around for years! They were ready to pull their weight in the performance. This was especially true for the "autistic" kid and his "caregiver." The boy had a ball playing music joyfully, and he was able to put it into words. It turned out that another guy had a sister who is severely "autistic." All I had to do all night was to keep weaving the threads together and come up with bits like using a timer when a guy said he needed four minutes before he would be ready to take his clothes off. NO PROBLEM!

But things were so rich I ran out of time again! I couldn't even follow up with the woman who said I was the inspirational source of her art of sexuality and spirituality [she even said I was one of the Grandfathers (am I that old?)]. Everything was so intense, dense and silky deep, time just ran out. We realized that one of the keys of the series is it is free. This opens it up to people who are living on various edges! I always have kept the price low, flexible, or nonexistent!


Da Boyz:
Several people came early, almost a half hour ahead of time … there was a black woman with a young black guy … they hung out until we finished setting up, and started looking through the totes of free zines, poetry chapbooks and books, fliers, tapes, CDs, VHS tapes and t-shirts!  There was also another early bird, an Asian man, who stayed and waited for the performance to "start" …

Right before 8, three others came in … we were to find out that they were Deborah, Lawrence, and Matthew.  Frank started talking to Deborah, asking her what drew her to the performance?  She said that Frank opened the door for her to be able to do what she does.  Frank asked her what she does.  She said he was looking at some of it, i.e. that she designed some of her clothing, but basically she is an artist, and she talked about working with people in the area of opening up sexuality, exploring how the body is a nexus of both pleasure and spirituality … that Frank was an inspiration for her in this.  She said she read an article about him years ago that a friend Deva Kasnitz had turned her onto … something in the Bay Guardian from the 1970s.  It turned out that Matthew had seen the listing for the performance in the East Bay Express, and had told Deborah about it.  They both go to school together, studying at the Unitarian Universalist School … he was studying to be a minister.  He was attracted by the description of the performance, "uncomfortable fun", and then did some looking around on the website, and was very attracted by everything he saw … he talked about how it reminded him of the focus of the Unitarians … on community, non-denominational …
They had brought a drum … it was one of the first things that Frank noticed as Deborah carried it in … We think Frank asked her to play, but perhaps it ended up in Matthew's hands because she was talking with Frank … and Matthew would have to stop while he talked to Frank because he said he couldn't do both at the same time!  Meanwhile a guy with multicolored dreads came in carrying a guitar case … Frank said he noticed that he brought an instrument with him, what did he play?  He said clarinet, and Frank asked him to play, but he didn't actually play it, although he soon was picking up other percussion instruments and playing with the others.   Soon Frank was inviting anyone to play, and the young man who was there with the woman was eager to play.  He said that he had played drums … it seemed that he might have some kind of "disability", mental, developmental … he started right up on the drums, and at some point moved to keyboards and back and forth.  He played for much of the night, having a total blast, really getting into it!  When Frank talked with the woman who he had come with, we found out that she was a caregiver for autistic and mentally challenged young people … Frank said, "Aren't we all (mentally challenged)?"  She totally agreed!  She said the line she always uses is "What is wrong with people?!"  The boy was autistic.  It was amazing and heartwarming the way that he was at the performance, and the way Frank talked with him as he did with everyone there, and how the boy responded with a lot of passion and confidence, talking in terms of knowing himself and being part of something together with other people.  After the performance, Mikee described how he would stand at the keyboard and hit a note with passion, and throw his arm up in the air for emphasis like a rock and roll lead singer!
Meanwhile, Frank talked with the Asian man who had come in … he said he was in "food service", he worked in a Vietnamese restaurant in Berkeley, and had been attracted by a listing for the performance online, perhaps in SF Gate … he really liked the description on the flier, it had sounded fun!  He too played instruments for much of the night, and stayed almost the whole time.  You could tell he really enjoyed it!
Frank asked Lawrence, who was with Deborah, what he did.  He was slow to answer ... and finally said he "worked on becoming a better person."  Frank asked, "How does one do that?"  We can't remember what Lawrence said, but Frank added that he has never worked on becoming a better person, that he is lazy!  We think that Frank said he just was a person …  Deborah chimed in that Frank was lucky he didn't have to …  But Frank said that he likes Lawrence the way he is.  Lawrence said "then it must be working!"  When Frank said he was lazy, Deborah called him a "Bummisattva"!
Soon a couple arrived, and sat down on the mats with the others … she had seen the flier at University & San Pablo, and said that she was usually the type of person that knows exactly what she is going to be doing at every given moment, but she decided to come to this, and now had no idea what she would be doing!  She said something like "maybe in 10 minutes or so I'll pull out my harmonica and torture everybody!"  Frank asked, "Why not now?"  It was because she had to pee … she did later take it out and was playing along with the now constant evolving percussive soundtrack played by the autistic kid, the caregiver, Matthew, the Vietnamese food server, the dreadlocked artist, and others …
Frank asked the man who had come with her why he had come to the performance.  He said that she had told him about it … Frank asked, "Do you always do what she tells you to do?"  He said, "usually!"  Frank said, "We'll test that out later!"
Frank talked with her more too, and we found out that what she does for a living is buy things for rich people, all kinds of things … she said later that recently she bought a sculpture for one of her clients that cost $8,000, and was made completely out of guano (bat shit), an abstract sculpture!  Frank asked her what she does for fun.  She said that she spends time with her friends, and has sex with "this guy", pointing to the guy she came with, and she said something like she shares everything with her friends … Deborah asked, "including sex?" … and she was vague … it sounded like maybe!  She said "a little" …  Frank asked her to expand on that, and she talked about how she was the kind of person who tells her friends everything about her life, so that they really know all the aspects of her life, including her sex life in detail, so that it kind of blurred the line between friends and lovers …
At some point, Frank asked Deborah and Lawrence if they would undress each other, and then dress each other only in the costumes and jewelry we had laid out … they said yes, and were soon up by the costume rug, taking off each other's clothes, and putting costumes and jewelry on each other.  We all noticed that Lawrence had a pair of flesh colored pantyhose on under his jeans, which he left on!  And Deborah left her underwear on, although later we saw that she took them off …
Frank asked Matthew if he would do the same with Erika, and he hemmed and hawed … he said he was really enjoying playing the drum, and his instinct told him to keep playing the drum for another 3 or 4 minutes!  So Frank took him at his word, and asked Alexi to set a timer! 
When the timer went off, Matthew put down the drum and went over with Erika to the costume pile, and they undressed each other.  But we did notice that he left his boxers on!  Erika later said that Matthew had said something like, "I'm gonna have to stop you there!" 
But later, Frank asked Matthew to describe his outfit, and Matthew went through what Erika had dressed him up in … and mentioned that his boxers were on underneath.  Frank asked why?  Frank had said to undress, and then dress only in the costumes …  He could see taking the boxers off after the new costume was already on, but …  So Matthew slipped them off!  Frank asked, "Now doesn't that feel better?"  He said yes it did …
It seemed like it was around this point that Frank asked if Lawrence and Erika would dance together wearing the double elastic waist band, which is stretchy but connects the two people together at the waist.  Lawrence said yes and soon the two of them were doing this amazing dance throughout the space that went on for a long time as Frank talked with others … it was really quietly soft and beautiful!
Frank talked more with the woman who buys stuff for rich people … he asked her if she thought they were happy.  She said that on one hand, she would say no.  But then again, they have "access to more instant gratification" than the rest of us, so in that way she could say that they were happy.  In the end, she said that she really couldn't say for another person, whether they be rich, or out on the street, if they were happy or not. 
A thread of conversation started with Deborah about compromise.  Frank said he doesn't compromise, but Deborah said that sometimes you need to compromise to work with other people, you need to meet people "where they are".  Frank didn't see that as compromising.  Compromise was doing something you would not normally do, or not feel good about, in order to get something.  In the end, Deborah said that it was probably just a semantic issue, because she did not believe in compromising in that way either.  She said she liked that Frank does not compromise. 
At some point, Frank asked Deborah to ask him questions … she asked him if he thought that today's social problems could be traced to the way that society looks at/treats sexuality?  Frank said that he felt it was more to do with people not taking personal responsibility. 
The conversation about compromise brought up the recent correspondence between Frank and Jake McGhee, the editor of Kotori magazine, about his wanting to start hustling ads to make the magazine "lucrative", so that he doesn't have to work another "soul sucking" 9 to 5 job.  This lead to Frank asking Deborah if she would read "Art is a Bitch", which was also Frank's answer to Jake.
art is not a career, not a money maker, but a money taker, an addiction" 
Deborah did a great reading of it, and it felt like people really got it. 
The woman who buys stuff for rich folks asked Frank if he has ever done anything that he didn't feel good about just to make a living?  Frank said no.  We think that another part of this conversation was Linda expanding upon this by talking about how we always have everything we need, but don't go after having things, but focus on each other, on relationships, and yet have always had enough, have houses, cars, etc., but not by focusing on having things. 
At some point, Frank asked the Vietnamese man if he would come help Linda undress Frank?  He didn't want to, but the dreadlocked artist was willing, and he and Linda undressed Frank. 
There were several points when Frank asked the autistic kid about his experience of the performance.  He said that he came there to be with people, to show respect and love to people, and was thanking everyone there for being there …  Frank told him that he was great on the drums, and he said yes, and thank you very much!  At some point later in the performance, Frank referred to him, saying that he pulled his own weight in the performance, that he took personal responsibility for being there. 
After Frank was undressed, he asked Matthew if he would rock on his lap.  Matthew said no.  And then at some point he asked Frank, why did Frank pick him to get undressed with Erika?  Did he look like someone who would get undressed?  Frank said, "Do I look stupid??"  Everyone laughed!  Frank continued, "Any way I answer that ..." basically meaning he would come out looking bad either way he answered it.  "If I wanted an easy target, I would have picked her!" indicating someone else there.  Frank said he had to work hard to get Matthew undressed!
At some point, he asked Lawrence how the performance was for him so far … Lawrence again was very slow to answer, and with few words … the room became very quiet … all that you heard between his words was the sound of the Casio keyboard drum machine that someone had left going … finally, he said, "It is a perfect moment" …  Frank asked, "How?" … long silence, and drum machine … Frank just hung there with him, we were all hanging on his response!  It was like he was meditating, his eyes closed and he seemed to be focusing very hard with his hands together as if in a prayer … this went on for what seemed like a very very long time!  He said something about feeling very good, about how everyone came there together to create … It was fragments of thought … eventually something else happened to break the spell!
Perhaps it was that Frank asked Matthew how the performance was for him thus far.  We think that this is the point that Matthew talked about his sister, who is autistic, and only a few years younger than him, mid twenties … the performance seemed to bring this up for him … he talked about her having the functionality of a 1 year old, and how she would touch herself in public (in the context of this being a problem) and how he could not have an emotional relationship with her …  Frank asked, "But you have an emotional relationship with a one year old?"  Yes, he said … obviously Frank was saying that Matthew was missing a lot in the way he was talking about/relating to his sister.  Frank asked if he would come up and read "Out of Isolation".  It was a very powerful reading, and of course addressed exactly what Matthew had brought up about his sister.  After he finished reading, Frank said that we need people like Matthew's sister, and the autistic kid (who had left at this point).  Frank said, this is not just a corny saying.  We need them to evolve.  We need the diversity.
The dreadlocked artist had left the space for a little while, and now came back in with a young guy and two young women.  We were soon to find out that he had met them out on the street and told them to go check out the performance, that there was some "funny shit" going on in there and it was FREE!  Frank suggested that perhaps the guy was a plant that Frank had sent out to find people and bring them in, or we may all be plants!  The dreadlocked guy did not say anything, going along with it!  The three had been out celebrating one of the girl's birthdays and were on their way to get some ice cream … Frank asked the young guy in a hoodie with a goatee, what he did?  Like several others that night, he didn't really have an answer … he said something like that he "breathes, eats …" etc.  One of the girls that was with him (not the birthday girl) said she "exists". 
Deborah called out something about the new group getting undressed, and Frank said, "Don't give me ideas!"  Then he asked Deborah if she would come up with something for the new group to do that would involve them undressing.  Deborah said ok, and turned to the three and asked for their "consent" to undress and dress up as the "Queen of Spring", mentioning Aphrodite … in the context of a ritual of celebrating Spring of some sort …  None of them seemed very attracted by the proposition, and it was interesting to see someone else approaching people about doing something like getting undressed in a way very different from Frank, and to see how it doesn't work, as Linda and Frank were saying later, to be "reasonable".  Frank just goes for it, he is not "reasonable"!  So the three seemed a little confused by what was going on, and one of the girls left, the birthday girl.  Frank asked the guy if he would come up and read one of Frank's poems, "Locked In/Locked Out".  Later, Linda said that he was literally trembling while he read the poem, but it was a great reading.  And afterward, Frank told him that he did a great job.  You could feel that this made him happy.  Frank asked him if he had felt uncomfortable reading it?  He said yes.  Frank said that that gave him power.  Frank had won him over.  He seemed very affected by the whole thing.  Frank asked him at some point what he thought of the performance, and while we can't remember what he said, it was expressive of a deep response to it.  Frank said, "And in just 15 minutes!"
Next, Frank invited the girl to come up and read randomly from his writings binder.  First she read a short surreal poem, which probably had come from "Dream Travelling …" And then she picked a poem Frank had written for Erika, "Graduation", which is so beautiful.  After the reading, Frank asked her what she does.  This is when she said she "exists".  He asked her where she was from, and she said, Reno.  Frank said something like, "That explains it".  She talked about really liking being away from Reno, here in Oakland, meeting new friends like the two she came in with tonight.  Frank asked her why go back to Reno.  She said because of school and work.  She studied behavioral psychology.  Frank asked, "Are you Skinner?"  She said yes.  She asked Frank if he was Skinner?  He said, "No, Maslow."  You could feel that Frank had won her over too. 
Frank asked the crowd if anyone wanted autographs, referring to the new book, Art of a Shaman.  But the girl thought he simply meant his autograph, and she did want one!  She held out her crumpled flier for Frank to autograph, but he suggested the free "Magical Act of Doing" chapbook that we have out on the literature table.  Both she and the guy got copies of this autographed by Frank.  Frank told her that the Magical Act of Doing was good for psychology. It felt like the two were really transformed in a very short time through interacting with Frank.  And then they spent a long time looking through the free boxes, picking out nice piles of stuff.  We saw afterward that all of the t-shirts had been taken too.  The dreadlocked artist took a big bag of tapes that he was going to "recycle" into the community.  He told Frank after the performance had "ended", how much he liked it, and that he thought he had read about Frank when he was in art school.  Frank said to come back!
When Frank did say, "That's it", meaning it was "over", it felt like people really didn't want it to be over.  Lawrence sat there on the floor for a long time before he actually got up and got dressed to leave ... people mingled around the free boxes, picking out neat stuff … Matthew got dressed back into his street clothes, but actually left wearing one of the t-shirts from the free boxes.  Frank asked him if tonight would change things with his sister, and he said yes, he thinks so.  Frank had also asked him how he would be describing the performance to his class.  Matthew said that he probably wouldn't describe it to his class, maybe some of the people in his class … he doesn't generally go before the class as a whole … we think that he said something about expanding, and about it being surreal … Frank told him that he is available for his school.  Matthew asked if he meant to do a performance like this.  Frank said, "Or to talk."  Frank told Matthew to come back, and Matthew said he definitely would, and he would bring others with him to experience it.  That was very neat! 
He also told Deborah and Lawrence to come back!  Frank said, "Then we can get to you rocking nude on my lap!"  Frank and Linda described how it often felt like it was just getting started, even at 48 hour performances … Frank had run out of time!
We were all blown away by how amazing a performance it was, how so much happened, and the transformational feeling of it all.  Frank talked about how he just followed!  It would make yet another amazing cable show for BTV.  It was fun to think of people watching this on TV, how fascinating and mind altering it is!   


We were just finishing setting everything up when the first people arrived. The cozy mats were down, the backdrops were up including Frank's new vinyl paintings. Just behind where Frank and Linda would be sitting was Frank's new book, "Art of a Shaman," on display and ready to be autographed.
The first people to arrive were a young black man and an older black woman. They looked through the free boxes and the table of Frank's painting post cards and writings as we were finishing setting up the lights. Then three people came in together. The woman was carrying a drum. Two of the people were classmates training to be Unitarian Universalist Ministers. One of them had found a listing for the performance in the East Bay Express and he had asked several of his friends if they would like to come with him and Debra had responded. Debra had first heard about Frank in the 70's when a friend of hers had given her an article about Frank.  She said that she really looked up to Frank.  Frank was an inspiration to her and that it was because of Frank that she was able to do many of the things that she has done.  Frank paved the way for her. Frank asked her how?  She said Frank helped her to teach people about their bodies, how to enjoy their bodies and about the link between your body and spirituality.  She said that we just need to follow our instincts and to tell our minds to shut up.  She said we are given a lot of limiting messages all the time.  In addition to the art she creates on her clothing she creates other kinds of art.
Mathew who had told Debra about the performance said that he was attracted to many things on the flyer like uncomfortable, fun and participatory.  He was enjoying school where he was training to become a minister very much especially because of the diverse students who were from all different religious backgrounds. He was enjoying the community he found at school. He thought that coming to Frank's performance felt like it fit into that.  He was trying to grow as a person and school was helping him to do that and he thought the performance would too.  The other guy who was with them Lawrence said he came because he was Debra's partner. When Frank asked him what he does he said that he works on being a better person. Frank said that he liked him just the way he is and Lawrence said that it must be working then.  Frank said that he never works at being a better person.  He is lazy.
Next Frank talked to the woman who was the first to come in with the young man.  She said that he was his caregiver.  They found out about the performance online when they were looking for something fun and free to do.  Frank asked her what kind of caregiver she was and she said to autistic and mentally challenged people.  Frank said that is all of us!  And she said yes, she is always thinking what is wrong with people these days.  She said that they were having a great time.  The young guy with her said that he once played drums in a band.  Frank asked him if he would like to play drums and he got started.  He continued to play music throughout the night, free and enjoying raising his arms at some points like a rock star.  His caregiver said that she played the flute in high school and that her mother had been involved with religious music singing and piano. Frank asked her if she played keyboards and she said a little bit.  Frank said if I can play the piano then you can!  She got up and they both started playing music.
There was a man sitting towards the back who heard about the performance on- line. He said he was attracted to many things on the flyer.  He said that he was in food service that he worked at a Vietnamese restaurant in Berkeley. Another guy arrived who brought his clarinet.  Frank told him he could start playing but he never got it out, instead he played various toy instruments that we had set out.  When Frank asked him what he does he said that he does what he wants to do.  What does he like to do Frank asked?  He said coffee, going out, seeing people. A couple came in at this point.  The woman had seen a flyer up.  She said that she always has everything planned in her life, knows exacted what is going to happen next and this looked like it would be completely different than that.  Frank said yes.  He asked her what she does and she said that she buys things for rich people.  When she is not doing that she spends time with her friends and has sex with this guy and she pointed to the guy who was sitting next to her and she said that she shares everything with her friends. Debra asked does she share sex with her friends.  Frank asked her to expand on that.  No she ended up saying my friends are my friends. Frank asked the guy who was with her why he came to the performance and he said that he came because she came.  Frank said do you usually do what she tells you to do?  He said yes most of the time. Frank said, "We'll test that later."
Frank asked Debra and Lawrence if they would undress each other and then dress each other in only the costumes and jewelry that were laid out. They said yes and it wouldn't be the first time!  They got up and slowly and playfully undressed each other and put on costumes.  Lawrence dressed Debra in Frank's flame skirt and a fuzzy tube scarf on top. Frank asked Mathew the guy who was training to be a minister if he and Erika would undress and dress each other in costumes. He said that in school they teach him about following his instincts and his instincts were telling him to drum for about four more minutes.  Frank said, Alexi, can you set a timer.  After the timer went off he got up and Erika undressed him and dressed him in a pink skirt, necklaces and bracelets. He went over to the key board and drums and started playing after that.  Frank asked him to share what his costume was.  He said well, I have on this skirt that has slits up the side, of course I have my boxer shorts on underneath.  Frank asked him why?  The directions were to completely undress and then dress in the costumes or at least put the skirt on and then take off your boxers. He said ok and he took off his boxers.  Frank said," Feels better?"  And he said yes, a little, it does.
Frank asked Lawrence if he would put on the elastic costume and dance with Erika. He said yes. The elastic costume is two circles of elastic that are sewn together so Erika and Lawrence were attached to each other by the elastic as they danced.  Lawrence and Erika danced playfully around the room, pulling each other around the room as they danced.
Frank asked the woman who buys things for rich people what she buys for them and she said she buys hotel rooms, concert tickets anything they want.  Once she bought a sculpture of bat guano for thousands of dollars. Frank asked if they were happy.  She said that the rich people have more instant gratification but she could not say for sure who is happy or if rich people are happier than people on the street.
Debra asked Frank if he thought that all of today's social problems can be traced to how people look at and treat sexuality. Frank said that it was about people not taking personal responsibility. Debra said that she liked that Frank did not compromise.  She said that sometimes you need to compromise to meet people where they are.  Frank said that he didn't see that as compromise.  To compromise was to do things that you don't normally to do get something.  Debra said that she didn't believe in that either that it just came down to a matter of semantics. This brought up how Frank has been communication with a young artist/filmmaker of Kotori magazine that wants to make money from his art and does not want another soul sucking 9 to 5 job. The woman who buys things for rich people asked if Frank ever had to work a job that he didn't like.  Linda talked about how our focus is on each other and enjoying and we always had what we needed.  Frank asked Debra if she would read his poem Art is a Bitch.  She did a powerful reading of the poem. 
Frank asked a few people how it was so far. The autistic guy said that he came to be with people to show respect to other people and that he was having a really great time. When Frank asked Lawrence how it was so far and he sat for a while and said that he felt really good. He sat for a while longer and he said yes, we are just here in this moment and it is a perfect moment. Mathew asked Frank why he had picked him to get undressed.  Did he look like he would get undressed more than someone else?  Frank said do I look stupid?  I had to work hard to get you to undress. 
Frank asked the guy who worked in food service if he would help Linda undress him and he said no. Then Frank asked the guy who had brought his clarinet if he would help Linda undress him and he said sure and came up and helped Linda undress Frank.  Frank asked Mathew if he would rock on his lap and he said no.
Mathew who was training to be a minister said that he had an autistic sister who was 26, just a couple of years younger than him.  The performance seemed to bring up his sister for him. He said that she operated from a mental and emotional level of a one year old.  She liked to touch herself and often in public and he talked about it in the context of that not being appropriate behavior.  He said it was not possible to have an emotional connection with his sister because she did not communicate and usually did not respond when he tried to communicate with her.  Frank said but can't you have an emotional connection with a one year old and he said well yes.  Frank asked him if he would read his poem Out of Isolation.  He did a powerful reading and it was exactly what he was talking about his sister.  In Out of Isolation Frank talks about boney fingers reaching in to give care and being treated like a pillow and not a human in contrast to the warm arousing good feeling felt when touching and rubbing someone dressed in colorful clothes who is touching in a sexy connected human way. Frank said that we need his sister. Frank said that I am not being corny. We need the autistic guy and your sister for evolution. We need diversity.
At that point some new people came in.  It turned out that they had come in off the street when the guy who brought his clarinet went out and told them that some fun crazy shit was going on in there and it was free.  The three people were celebrating one of their birthdays and were headed to get some ice-cream.  Frank said that maybe the guy with the clarinet was a plant and that maybe he had sent him out to get the people.  Debra said that maybe we could get them to undress and Frank said don't give me ideas!  He asked Debra if she could come up with something that would involve the three of them undressing.  She asked if they would as she was into consent and asked if one of them would like to play Aphrodite the goddess of spring.  None of them wanted to and did not really know what was going on.  Frank asked the guy if he would read one of his poems.  He said yes and came up and read Frank's poem, "Locked in Locked Out." When he got up to read the poem his friend whose birthday it was left. When he was finished reading Frank told him that he did a great job. This seemed to make him happy.  Frank asked him if he was uncomfortable reading it and he nodded yes.  Frank said that gives you power. He was very touched by this and Frank had won him over.  
Frank asked his friend if she would come up and randomly pick something from his poetry binder and read it.  She went through the binder and picked a short poem that was part of Frank's long poem from the 70's "Dream Traveling and Time Seeds." frank said to read another one.  She picked "Graduation for Erika."  Frank asked her what she does and she said that she exists.  He asked her where she was from and she said Reno.  Does she like it there?  No, she said.  Do you feel more at home in Oakland and she said yes I come here to meet new people, friends. Then why go back to Reno Frank asked.  Because of school and work, she replied.  Frank asked her what she was studying and she said Behavioral Psychology. Frank said Skinner? And she said yes.  She asked Frank if he was Skinner and he said no more like Maslow.  Frank said that he was available to give autographs.  He meant for his new book that was for sale. The young woman said she would love an autograph and she pulled out a scrap of paper.  Frank said "The Magical Act of Doing," would be good for an autograph. He signed it for her and said it was good for psychology.  The guy who had read a poem also took one and got Frank to autography it.
At some point the woman who bought things for rich people and the guy that was with her left, so did the guy who was in food service and the caregiver and the autistic kid.  They said they had a great time as they left.  Frank said that the autistic kid really pulled his weight.  He played music and really enjoyed and had come to be with everyone.
People started to put their street clothes on and talked with Frank as they were leaving.  The guy who brought his clarinet took a whole bag of tapes to give away to people.  He had been an art student and thought he had heard of Frank before. He said he had a really great time. Mathew the guy who was studying to be a minister took a t-shirt.  Frank asked if tonight would change things with his sister and he said yes, he thought it would.  Frank said he was available to come to his school. He said he would be there for a couple more years so did Frank mean do something like tonight and Frank said, or talk.  Frank told Mathew to come back.  He said he would and he would bring some people with him.  Lawrence sat for a while before he and Debra left.  Frank told Debra that next time she could rock on his lap and she said yes!
Another amazing performance!  You never know who is going to show up and what is going to happen in the Uncomfortable Zones of Fun.

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