The Feederz
featuring a cameo by Frank Moore
Justice League
June 13, 2002
San Francisco, California

Well, I'm back! right after we got back from the Feederz show thursday, Linda started puking, fever peaked at 102 last night ... Mikee got the shits and I got a bladder infection. Not a pretty sight around here the last few days! I don't think it was because Fluff Grrl's bob kissed my cock (he always does!) or because Frank Discussion and I were french kissing each other very deeply! It's just what happens when you do 3 very intense gigs within a week. BUT NO REGRETS!

It's my first time being in the audience at a Feederz' concert. I was on stage when we did gigs together in the mid-80's. Then I saw Frank as a fellow prankster / shaman / shit-stirrer. But Thursday I had a chance to see him in his laid-back intensity, totally available to the audience ... but taking no prisoners, blasting full-force ... a cute devil, bent on destroying ... well, everything NICE! It was really a packed rally for cultural terror, subversion, and sabotage! We two always saw each other as fellow terrorists! (that sentence should get me bugged by the FBI!)

Towards the end of the set Frank brought me on-stage to sing their signature song "Jesus Entering From The Rear" as well the finale ... together again after almost 20 years ...

Fuck, the computer sent this before I was done! What I was going to say is we two Franks fed off each other and off the audience. What a night! Oh, the joys of being a rockstar! Ieven signed a girl's Feederz cd!

To be honest, I didn't know until very recently how many people Frank has corrupted (influenced). We just did things together.

Frank Moore
June 17, 2002

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