Risk For Deep Love

Frank Moore’s
Risk For Deep Love
a ritual audience participation experience experiment
at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California
Saturday, June 5, 2012

The new title did bring a more adventurous group than the last six months, making this much more dynamic. People did undress Linda, Erika and me and even a couple of audience members... And it was possible for Linda, Erika and I to dance erotic together. All of this has been hard in the past months! And there was great singing! But the crippling illness of saying NO still fenced things in, not just in terms of erotic possibilities, but playing music brought up the hiccups of saying NO because the possibilities didn't fit the pre- packaged pictures of what things SHOULD BE. But all in all this is a juicy one!


Risk For Deep Love Poster, June 2012 by LaBash

Click on the poster for a blow-up.