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Tuesday, February 24, 1998

Subject: Playing Dream Passions Naked
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 02:31:56 -0500
From: Giovanni <>
Organization: The Typewriter -
- Brain Dead Productions
To: Frank Moore <>

Playing Dream Passions Naked was not the orgiastic dance of painted bodies to the pounding of drums that the Bay Guardian proclaimed in their paper. Not even close. It was an incredible sensual evening filled with naked bodies, some of them playing with friends, some of them playing with strangers, but all of them taking place in something that was far less sexual than it was spiritual.

The beginning of the night already had some thirty folks assembled in the room, most of them naked. I was sitting near the front playing sounds through the PA, fully dressed and removed - an observer. From my corner perch I watched the visitors walk in, look around and start peeling their clothes off without hesitation. Videos played at the far end of the room - playful ( you'll see this word many times again ) videos of Frank and Linda. Early on much of the crowd seemed expectant. None of them aware what was in store, curious and waiting. One by one they were asked if they wanted to go into the cave. Most said yes and Michael would blindfold them and then Linda would offer them Somala to remove their inhibitions and then lead them into the cave. I am still surprised at the courage of these people. I did not go into the cave. At that point of the evening I was not ready to relinquish my role as watcher and join.


During the time that visitors were being led through the cave a large amount of people came and went. Although 90+ people came that night I don't think there were ever more than 40 in the room at once. In one corner Cory and Heidi were the Body Musicians, holding onto each other, patting each other, laughing and making sounds. Eventually this group grew to about 10 bodies rocking and playing.

Then came a point where Michael sat in a chair and chanted about taboos, sex and its misuse as a power tool and the origins of Eroplay. Eroplay, as I understand it, is a term to describe the intimacy of people when they touch each other in ways that are very sensual but not sexual. The all night ritual was very much Eroplay. It was a room full of energy, playful loving energy.

After the chanting, the cave was disassembled and our attention was directed to Frank and Linda cuddled together as Linda told the story of a healer on his journey. During this time there was a lot of activity in the room. Some of it was people leaving, some of it was people talking and I found the action distracting. This, not the monologue, really seemed to destroy a good portion of the sensual energy in the room. This was the first "Trial" that Frank uses to weed out those folks who maybe were here for the orgiastic dancing and not quite in-tune with what was to come.

After the story Frank took his place front and center to sing away. Now, Frank and I have discussed our musical pasts in depth and I have been waiting to hear him sing. (I'm still bummed I missed the Al's Bar gig!) I loved it. Music (all art - but music is the most primal - most basic) requires large doses of emotion and that is something Frank carries in excess. Most of all, Frank really enjoys himself and works hard to disarm people of their prejudice and tensions.

Following a duet with Linda (Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe"), we had an intermission. During this time more people left. Either they thought the fun stuff was over, or they thought Frank was just hamming it up (isn't he always?), or they were just tired. Unknown to me at that point was how late it had already become. In fact, as I was leaving at seven in the morning, I was amazed how quickly the night had passed and how energized I felt.

After the intermission those of us left (a dozen out of almost 100) were instructed to lay down on the floor and relax with our eyes closed. Yes, at this point I become a naked hero. It is curious that at this point when only the hardcore of the group remained, these few strongly sensual bodies, I had no problem joining in. I didn't even think about it. For me, this is what I was waiting for - the ritual. It just felt right. One by one each of us were stroked lightly from head to toe and rolled on our sides. This was part of our "Death," the end of our prior personalities to make room for our "Rebirth." Our rebirth included us rolling slowly to the center of the room until we were "surrounded by skin." From there we caressed each other as one. This all became very erotic, very playful. From there Frank instructed us to become in slow motion various animals until we had evolved into "Humans." This process was erotic but also very childlike. Our next formation was again a closely huddled group rocking together as we were wrapped first in paper, then cellophane (do you know what it feels like at 450 degrees?), and then finally in tin foil (do you know what it sounds like under a small hill of tin foil?).

And then it was over. I wanted it to go on. We should have stayed there another day, relishing in the energy.

For those of you who were not there I am not sure how I can accurately explain how incredibly exciting, erotic and sensual the night was without really being sexual. I'll leave this explanation to Frank.

A few points I'd like to add are:
–Spontaneous laughter throughout the night
–The final ritual is the only time you are required to be naked
–You are not forced to do anything
–Nothing else you could do on the night of the next ritual is important enough to miss the ritual.

Anyone who wants to can email me directly with any questions.


FEBRUARY 21, 1998

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