The Thought Crime all-night performance (started for the audience at 8 p.m. and ended after 5 a.m.) was one of the best ... due in large part to Sienna and Michael 23 being such great hosts. It turns out Thought Crime is in the same space where I last performed in Phoenix. That performance was an absolute bomb! But the space is totally differently arranged now so that the performance space is like an intimate living room. And we set up The Cave in a walk-in closet.

We had a great local cast. Sienna and Tori, one of her nest mates, were the nude body musicians and wrapping dancers. They got the gentle playful feeling that I'm after. Their other nest mate, Carl, was great as "the shy guy" who ended up taking off his clothes and joining the body musicians.

We don't really know how many people came. Linda led 20 people into the cave over the first 3 hours. But each section of the night's journey seemed to have its own grouping ... there are 4 or 5 sections which can be complete pieces. The people who came covered in very wide range ... from their early 20's to late 60's. And most came to play! Usually one gender is much more uptight ... which gender is uptight depends on what's happening in the culture at the particular period. But this night, men and women, gay and straight were equally ready to go deeply into play ... with everyone. All of which made everything fun and easy and satisfying!

Btw, Lob, it meant a lot to me that you called during the performance!

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