AUGUST 30, 2000

an amazing trip!

wednesday night i did a double bill with INSTAGON for lob's series in costa mesa [which is in the race with redlands ... my hometown ... for being the pits! but the show was exremely powerful! INSTAGON set the magical tone. their drummer[s] didn't show up. so corey sat in with his little casio and air drums. he played the shit out of those drums! Then INSTAGON backed me up as linda read my poems [had lob read NAKED POLES]. ALL the poets were especially powerful. afterwards a barfly shep gave me a DON'T ASK ME 4 SHIT cap!

thursday we checked out suzy's SPEAKEASY GALLERY which is in spitting distance of the staples center. it's a big warehouse which they have fixed up very homey, funky, warm .... every artist's wet dream! it's filled with outstanding erotic art. it houses a complete video/web studio, max's bar, and plenty of room and pillows/sofas/toys for playing! the gallery itself is a masterpiece. you should check it out if you are in l.a.

we had developed a phone relationship with kim, the curator, setting up the performance. she is very cute, warm, high energy with a very smart daughter ... living at the gallery with max and suzy. max is my type ... big, warm, loud, smart, show/conman. suzy started calling him her linda. he is the same on and off camera. Not true for suzy PHYSICALLY ... the same mind, wit, tongue .... but physically she is TOTALLY different than her glamorous on-camera character. she is much cuter.

they are doing the same work on almost every level as we are doing here at eroplay/luver/etc...with the same living [r]evolutionary commitment. so it felt like home....but also like STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND.

friday we spent a fun day in venice, THE PLAYING TOWN!

saturday we had brunch with my brother jerry who then came to suzy's with us. you DO get your money's worth [and a lot more!] at suzy's. it was basically a 6-hour show .... with free snacks! they just turned the cameras on a hour or so before "the show" to watch the preparations and people hanging out. then max starts politically ranting to warm people up. meanwhile suzy is on her bed which is her set...the glamorous sexy suzy! when she first came out of their living quarters, she stuck my pointer down her g-string!

after a long intro of me ... impossible to live up to! ... me and linda went up to her bed for what amounted to a conversation between people who shared a lot of life experiences, visions, etc. it was deep, but barely scratched the surface! interestingly, all the calls were from teenage girls [13-16] asking about masturbation. That says a lot. i'm always impressed with suzy's wisdom.

then after a 30-minute break, we started the ritual performance...a version of GESTURES. for the first time in a long time, there were more women than men doing the ritual. in fact, for most of the ritual, it was corey, michael, and me ... and women ... and what women! most people watched from sofas ..... or on monitors in the bar. In fact there were cameras and monitors everywhere. it is the first time I have let GESTURES be filmed. and it's my first ritual to be webcast live!

but back to the women ... suzy, kim, a sexy tatooed s&m artist named Dominatrix deSade, and the bathtub girl. Kim and i had forehead orgasm, intimately rubbing foreheads together. Suzy opened her legs wide to let my hands play piano on her, then rubbed her body on mine with masterful lust. i sucked her toes into toe-gasm. her toes in my ears!

but she did something that impressed me by her vulnerability. SEE, SUZY ... I'M A GENTLEMAN ... I DON'T TELL!

after the "performance," the famous post-show party started...also webcasted live [all for $3.95]! then things really got hot. kim and I danced tansexually, melting in pleasure ... linda and suzy played on the mat ... the Mistress deSade gave mikee a deluxe whipping. then suzy did a deluxe lap dance on me, using my chair as a jungle gym .... kept orgasmic whooping very loudlly in my ear. I'M A LUCKY GUY!

the neat thing was people kept saying it gave them hope, opened possibilities!

never fear. they are giving me a copy of all the raw footage! so it'll be on luver!

In Freedom, Frank
Tuesday, September 05, 2000


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