NOVEMBER 9, 2002

From: Marie Kazalia
November 12, 2002
Re: Intimacy @ Build

At the Intimacy Performance Saturday nite, I did the most new things in one room in one nite I've ever done in my life, I'm pretty sure--and think about that, how often does that happen in anyone's life!? In my random methodicalness, I thought I'd make a list of the main new things that I've never done before, that I did do at Frank's Intimacy performance:

1. fed Frank water...
2. went in search of a sexy woman--as Frank instructed--after finding her persuaded her to come to the performance-- (this was so different from my previous behavior on the streets in that part of the city/or probably ever anywhere...)
3. danced semi-naked with 2 beautiful powerful naked women (women: not a detail enough designation, but makes point here for now) while Frank and Native American guy (again simplified designation-his name? slips my mind) harmonized/vocalized(?) wordlessly...
4. also Frank asked me to read his written Introduction at the Intimacy performance and I felt honored to be asked and then felt the pleasurable energy of reading his words/ noticed the reaction of the people there on the floor...especially when I read the last lines, about, what/how they experience, this is up to them...(very powerful in that energy)

And all of these things, being there, moving -- breathing -- seeing, were new/newly happening amid all the magical energy I felt from the beginning...

And of course, none of what I've said above adequately describes any of it at all!

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