Saturday, March 15, 2008
West Sacramento, California
Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band
and lots more ....


A very fun day/gig ... even if we were in pain the day after! We have recovered. LARRY RODRIGUEZ a.k.a. THE FLOWER VATO invited THE CHEROTIC ALL-STARS to perform at HORSE COW, the artistsí co-op community he lives in. Below Erika gives the details. So I will just ramble.

We pulled off in Davis before going to West Sacramento. We had discovered an all-organic restaurant, THE FARMERSí KITCHEN. The night before we found ourselves in a strange ritual over the phone with the owner. It actually took 6 phone calls! Not only did she require reservations, but we had to order our food right then over the phoneÖthen she required us to call on the road 20 minutes before we arrived so she could start cooking our food! IT WAS IN OUR TOP 5 MOST PLEASUREFUL DINING EXPERIENCES EVER!

HORSE COW reminded me of the communes in northern New Mexico in the early 70sÖalso of MAD MAX! Raw creativity! And the event turned out to be a major art/cultural happening attracting several hundred people with way more than three rings of artistic chaos. The singer of the band before us was Damien from The OMEN. THE CHEROTC ALL-STARS had NIGHT NURSE as its backbone. So we had a lot of vets from past cherotic jams. And of course I pulled other musicians inÖincluding Steve, the Neil Cassady figure of HORSE COW.

I hear that ìa lot of people were freaked out. †There were some college-aged girls that were making a big deal about it. †Nobody ever sees anything like this.î And Larry says ìI got a lot of comments & compliments about you guys the last few days. You left quite an impression on the folks who saw the show.î POWERFUL STUFF!

And now here is Erika:

We did our final packing up, with our bag full of Frank Moore for President buttons, platforms and post cards for swag. We had several final pisses and good-bye to the kittens and off we went. The coffee we got from Leilaís hit the spot and we were soon zipping along. The weather was super and there wasnít much traffic so we really moved along. A really fun and easy drive to Davis where we would eat at the Farmerís Kitchen CafÈ. We called the woman at the cafÈ about 10 miles up the road to let her know that we would be arriving soon and to check over what we had ordered over the phone the night before so that they would have it all ready when we got there, the whole feeling more like home than a restaurant. When we got there the restaurant looked great, really cozy and we knew that we had picked a great place. They serve organic food from local farms and they have a CSA program where people can pick up deliciously home cooked meals to take home as often as they want. They even offered up a couple of their young guys to come out and help Frank up the curb but we decided to take the ramp. They had our table all ready for us and we looked around a bit, part restaurant part store with many of their food items in the freezer that looked yummy and fresh, including mini pizzas. Our food started arriving right away and throughout the meal we were making sounds of delight as everything was so amazingly good!!! It was incredible just like eating at home. The salads were packed with all kinds of veggies with yummy dressing, then we tried all the soups, potato leek soup, asparagus soup and green garlic group made from the greens of the garlic, wow! Next were several veggie dishes including winter veggies with a mustard sauce and bock Choy, and then squash and sage ravioli that they make, wowed! Next Frank had a chicken veggie pot pie and Mikee had a chicken dish and Erika some fish and to top it off we tried the apple pie that had just come out of the oven and cheese cake. The food felt so nourishing and everyone who worked there really cared deeply about what they were doing. They were really happy that we had come and later when we came back to the car after a walk the place had really filled up. We made our way down to the park to the teen center and found their bathroom. We really liked Davis and couldnít wait to come back to the restaurant! Erikaís birthday was coming up soon! They had a covered area for the farmers market. We got our coffees at Peet's and then into the Car and got back on the road to Larry's Arts Collective, ìThe Horse Cowì! We got there in no time and it was such a fun place, in the middle of nowhere down a road along the river in west Sacramento, rows on each side of industrial buildings that had been covered into fun art living spaces, very fun and cozy! There was art and big sculptures all over the place. The event had been going on all day, people checking out everyoneís art and then the performances, movies, and fashion shows were soon starting. We pulled the car right up to the performance space, the Rec Room, a space with couches and a pool table and a small stage for bands. Steve who is part of the art collective got the heaters out and blasted the heat for us and thatës pretty much where we stayed in front of the heater cozied up as it was really cold and getting colder. Right away people who would be in our band started showing up and we hung out by the heater while everyone set up in the first band. Various characters wondered in and out in costumes since it was a Net themed party. We brought our bag of net costumes to pass out to people in our band. It was quite a scene. Larry showed up after a shower and got the sound hooked up and the first band had an Egyptian theme to it with a toilet paper mummy and a cardboard camel in it. A loud rocken band with toilet paper rolls flying through the air, and then we were up! So we stripped down in the cold and got our costumes on (jewelry). Then the jam started, with band members from Night Nurse and Larry and Dan from Art Lessing and the Flower Vato.††It took off from the moment it started, wailed and pulsed, warm and cozy and never letting up the entire time, ripping through isolation and melting into the audience our sexy, juicy dance. Frank Linda and Erika in an erotic swimming electric dance. The room was full when we started and then at the end down to a handful. Linda and Erika went out to the audience and got a couple of guys to come up and they hugged Frank and grabbed toy instruments and then another guy just came up and hugged frank. Linda and Erika got the band and then we passed out presidential platforms and buttons and everyone really liked getting them. Later we heard that the performance had really affected people, that people were still talking about it days later and had never seen anything like it and we had freaked out some college girls into ripples of change! Then it was time to get dressed, piss and pack up and it was quite a scene going at this place, packed full of people in costumes, different art/music/fashion show events going on at the same time out in the middle of no where in the arts collective on the river in Sacramento! It was such a fun day, a great new restaurant, fun to walk around Davis and an amazing jam and we got 100 bucks!! On the drive home we talked about the jam and then stopped at a rest stop for a quick nap. When we got home the kittens greeted us and we unpacked and got ready for nap time and pizza and the yummy salad. What an amazing day!!!!

In The Cherotic All-Stars:
Frank, Linda, Erika: vocals and erotics
Nurse Toothtar: †sh-101 & pro one synthesizer
Art Lessing: †guitar, spooky effects & various strings
Flower Vato: †space bass, drums
Chad Stockdale: †saxophone & spooky vocal loops
Andrew Surber: †theremin, noises
With special guests:
Steve Vanoni: †tuba & saxophone
Blake Hartshorn and Ana White on toy instruments

Larry's "flier" for the event:

Horse Cow
in West Sacramento
on Saturday, March 15, 2008.
9:15pm Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band
featuring local faves "NIGHT NURSE"

NETS: That's right folks NETS... YOU got Fish Nets, Hair Nets, Internets, Dragnets, DOT Net and Networks, work it, BECOME it and CREATE something delicious that only you can, something Sweet and Lovely that you can wear all night long and dance and parade about the new WILD HORSECOW Space with all of your closest friends on the Evening of March 15th, 2008.

Day Time: Open Studios, come enjoy the river, mingle and throw something on the bar-b-que.

The Evening's Festivities include up close and intimate Musical Explorations By:
Berkeley's Renowned: FRANK MOORE with Local Faves "NIGHT NURSE"
ART LESSING AND the Horse Cow's Beloved FLOWER VATO Chelsea Wolfe MOM...
Warm Streams
Alas Alak Alaska
Mikey Blanchard.....
Mysterious and captivating ART INSTALLATIONS created for you by the HORSECOWíS unStable of ARTISANS.....
LARRY RODRIGUEZ aka THE FLOWER VATO will be mixing it up and keep it real
Amy Hemmens of NAIK FUR / ATELIER
Olivia Coelho
Lacadia Olsen
Miss Maude
OBSIDIAN BUTTERFLY with the Drum Brothers
DOORS OPEN AT 1:00pm for the open studios, parking available at the Horse Cow ñ 111 North Harbor Blvd West Sacramento, ca 95691
9:15pm for the evening fun.....
Park at 2910 Duluth St West Sacramento CA, 95691


Frank Moore's
Cherotic All-Star Band

Warm Streams


On 3/21/08, Frank Moore wrote:

Did they say what freaked them out and why? It is good to know that we still have that kind of effect!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

From: Andrew Surber
To: Frank Moore
Sent: Friday, March 21, 2008 11:54 PM
Subject: Re: Frank's Band at Horse Cow

Hey Frank,

I think lots of people thought a serious orgy was happening on stage. A few days after my friends that weren't at the horse cow that night were asking me, "so I heard there was an orgy with a guy in a wheel chair??"

Your performances are still shocking, and people remember that.


From: Frank Moore
To: Larry Rodriguez
Subject: Re: Frank's Band at Horse Cow
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 20:53:11 -0700

hey, larry, what were the comments?

In Freedom,

From: Larry Rodriguez
To: Frank Moore
Sent: Saturday, March 22, 2008 2:31 AM
Subject: RE: Frank's Band at Horse Cow

There's an accoustic performer friend of mine named Troy Mighty (his act is called Dead Western) who was deeply affected by the performance. He really enjoyed it overall. He would like to meet you, I told him that maybe he could come along when Art Lessing & the Flower Vato play at your pad. Steve Vanoni wants to visit to.

Another guy named Allen from the Horsecow said that he was passing through for a minute to perform a task, and said that he stopped dead in his tracks and couldn't believe what he was seeing.

My friend Chad Stockdale who's in the band was also impressed. I told him & Troy that it's hard to explain to people what the Frank Moore experience is really like without sounding like an idiot. It just needs to be seen & felt to be believed. They both agreed.

Steve says he wants the Horsecow Performance Troupe to do something w/ you guys. We have friends from Estonia who are in a performance group called Non Grata. Steve would love to introduce them to you when they come back next year. I'm sure they would fall in love with you.

take care,

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