eXtreme Elvis

Stork Club
Oakland, California
June 8, 2002

eXtreme Elvis had had the idea for a long time of the two of us exchanging identities/roles. Last week he said his gig at the Stork Club Friday in Oakland would be the time. You don't argue with THE KING ... and besides I think E.E. is one of the best performance artists ... so...

We kept it totally top secret. His band, and the LUVeR video crew, didn't know until I came through the packed audience, attacking people sexually as I made my way to the stage. Only the lead back-up singer Ann was in on it. I cut my hair and shaved to look like E.E. (people say I look like Neil Young). E.E. gave me the songs that the band would do.

- CC Rider
- Rubberneckin'
- Suspicion
- Lonesome
- Viva Las Vegas
- Heartbreak Hotel
- Now or Never
- Suspicious Minds
- Devil with a blue dress / Hound Dog"

E.E. and Ann came over to give me the king's jumpsuit and glasses ... and to get my old wheelchair and glasses. Ann was my contact via cell phone. I didn't show up outside the club until the band was playing. Then Ann pushed me ... miked, surrounded by sexy back-up singers ... into the sea of flesh and onto the stage. The band has been trained to go with anything. So they went into the set. Ann sang lead with me ... and she and the other back-up singers were all over me. The audience, for the most part, accepted me ... they poured beer in my mouth, fixed my sunglasses, pulled my pants off, etc. There was a skinhead who threatened me ... but the back-up singers went after him with their fists, the guitarist not far behind. The crowd was also very protective of me. I saw a crip in the audience (the "real" E.E. playing me) near the end of the set. I invited him up for a killer duet ... actually a triad, because of the great voice of Ann ... of "Suspicious Minds." I heard that some people thought I was making fun of E.E. and then all limits exploded during the "last" song ... nude, beer soaked me writhing half out of my chair ripping Ann's top off. The other back-up singers ripped their own tops off. Then one back-up singer pulled down her pants, mounted me ... then pissed on me (my first golden shower!) ... then writhed grinding on my lap. (E.E., I can get them to do that to you!) then it didn't feel like the show was over, so I ordered the band to do "Don't Be Cruel". The "real" E.E. (playing me) didn't break character, although the band wanted him to at the end, although someone slapped him (he was a great crip, but nobody slaps Frank Moore!), although they almost tipped him out of the chair getting him off of the stage.

When I was going through the crowd, people kept saying things like AMAZING SHOW!

I know of no other performer with the balls to attempt this piece except E.E.!

Frank Moore
June 11, 2002

More photos by Michael LaBash

Windows Media version of the video available from this link

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