Frank Moore
Monday, August 19, 2013

Live in a wide-open willingness
a lusty playful joyful willingness
to do whatever is needed
without limits
without checking
without thinking
without trying

live wide-open
widespread open
ready for anything

eyes wide-open
mind wide-open
heart wide-open
arms wide-open
legs wide-open
open to the pink
of new possibilities

Willingness without avoiding
Willingness to do whatever is needed
Willingness to admit you
Know /feel
What is needed
Willingness to take responsibility
For doing whatever is needed
No matter the risk
Etc etc etc etc

this willingness makes everything easier
when you are actively willing to do anything
you often don’t need to do much
the willingness amplifies everything anything
people feel this willingness within you

I am always willing
Because I am

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