Web Of Passion BuildJune 8, 2002San Francisco, California

And now about WEB OF PASSION

It really is hard to write about because it was a nonlinear night that created itself ... on the surface nothing much happened for hours .... me drinking water, talking to people who packed the small (great) space. They arrived on time ... that never happens ... so I didn't have time before they came. No assholes came ... or came in ... n the video of it you can hear assholes outside the door all through the night, but they never came in...the force field worked! Inside, the web was there from the beginning ... all of us wanted to go deep and small, revealing. So I sat without my board, Linda translating me/feisto. A room of amazing people telling/revealing their stories. Nude Teresa throughout the night kept going from person to person, feeling/touching under clothes beyond taboos, using her blindness to weave a web of comfort. She was the base line. Actually the performance was rooted, made possible, expanded from my explorations with Teresa, Alex, Jennifer, and Erika over the last year.

There was always a lot of small things happening all the time in a relaxed reality .... so we sat around eating chocolate cake, Teresa crawling exploring bodies, a woman going around collecting piss, blood, hair, and I don't know what else for a magical art package as a kid's musical toy played as a guy described passionately the chrome fucking machine he was making for the Dada Fest. And that was the "intermission break" if we were in theater rather than a communal trance. I swear, I was trapped Sunday for 6 hours watching the video of the night ... I couldn't move! Very near the end of the performance night, Alex and I played very deep erotic small human rubbing into each other's body rocking as my story MAGICAL CAVE LOVERS was played on tape and slides of my 30 years of performances were projected on the wall. (Funny ... I saw on the video that people didn't watch Alex and me, but were focused on the slides.) Alex and me were a powerful generator of possibilities in the whole night, combining with Teresa’s exploring throughout the night. At the middle of the performance, I asked Teresa, Alex, and Erika to talk about their working with me and how it has effected their life work. They talked very deeply, pulling the whole performance in much deeper ... so deep it made it possible to do the ritual that we always had done before within the hidden/secret cave of Lila. The whole room became the cave of Lila. This made it possible to video this ritual. It hasn't been possible to video this ritual before. It is extremely beautiful, melting bodies together ... at the end there are magical shots of hands moving/dancing together.

Frank Moore
June 12, 2002

More photos by Michael LaBash

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