Last night was 848's gala benefit anniversary show. It was one of the best nights of performances I have been to ... especially the dance pieces really blew me away. It was the first time I really saw the work of Keith Hennessy (who opened the show) and Jess Curtis (who ended the show) ... guys, I didn't get the names of your dancing partners. Sexy, funny, high energy, risky. And the four other dances of the night at the very least matched this magic. It was the kind of show where even the m.c. was great.

And the mind blower was I was in this show! I must be doing something right! I was thinking this when I was sitting in the audience with Linda and Michael (we were nude) waiting for my turn to go on.

When my turn came, Linda pushed me, in my chair, in front of the audience and left. The houselights came on so that I could see the audience. When the sound person remembered to turn on the tape, I sang to The Who's Touch Me, Feel Me, Heal Me. But when that clip of the song was over, the tape went silent. Just me and the audience. I started rocking, beckoning very intensely for the audience to come and touch me, explore my body. I kept calling out for/to them. Afterwards many people said they were moved to come to me, but they did not want to be the first. After minutes of my beckoning, a young guy came to me (after he was sure I really meant what it appeared I was asking ... a lot of performers don't really mean what they ask, he said afterwards). Then slowly ... in waves, people started coming down, sitting around me ... started exploring touching rubbing my body...and I did the same to them. 20-30 people surrounded me, becoming a cozy silly warm communal/tribal body ... in/of which the people still in the seats were part. Then for the finale, the tape came back on with "Listening to you..." which I sang to our communal body. The total running time:10 minutes!

Obviously, I highly recommend 848 to perform at. It's audience does its job, being ready, eager, willing, and responsive ... due in no small part to the good vibes created by the 848 trio!

After the show, people ate spaghetti and danced body-contact style!

San Franciso

November 16

Photos by Linda Mac

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