Hot Passion

August 18

Surf Reality
House of Savages

New York, NY

Frank Moore
as the


August 25

Brooklyn, NY

I'm back .... After 8 hours on the plane (2 hours on the ground!)

But it was worth it ... and the $7,000 ... worth being $3,000 in the red (we had saved up $4,000 before hand).

Just spending time with old friends Veronica Vera and Les Barany was worth it ... And the good food.

But the performance(s) was amazing. I say the performance because ... although on the surface, it looked like two performances and a few "rehearsals"/private performances with actresses, it was really one two-week (at least) piece.
The depth was set by my private performances with Jan. Welcome to the E-salon, Jan. Would you write about our sessions as you described them at last Saturday's TRIP? But Jan's getting it deeply was the anchor for the whole thing. Funny.... my "private" performances have become one of the most "public" aspects of my work ... They went out to the web via the cherocam.

Jan (left) and Simone (photo by Andrzej Bialuski)

I'm rambling in this because I'm hoping that those of you who came will write about your experiences ... to fill this in. Btw .... missed you Leigh, Jane, and Motoman!

What a great intimate VERY underground space SURF REALITY by one of those visionaries, Rob. It was wild! Before the jam, sexy women kept coming up and saying that they want to be in the jam (AS THEY WERE TAKING OFF THEIR CLOTHES) because they had read my writings on the web! I LOVE THE WEB! The jam was totally different than my other jams. There were only two great hot sax players (one was Fred's brother, Frank ... very cute and sweet) ... me and Linda on vocals ... and 4 dancing girls and Fred! And 15 minutes into the jam, the sax players quit playing, shed their clothes, and joined the eroplay dance of controlled(?) folly ... leaving the audience to become the band, playing toy noise makers. It got extremely wild! My knee ballooned up because all the sexy women were writhing on it. I actually started pushing them off! That tells you how much pain i was in ... But it was worth it!

Photo captured from the video shot by Les Barany

In a very nonlinear way, the jam set things in motion for the 7+ hour piece the following Saturday ...

The EROPLAY BAND came back ... joined by a tantric flutist. This time they played incredible music AS THEY WERE EROPLAYING! As they were eroplaying/playing, the experimental poet Mark Sonnenfeld read his work.

Then I started talking to the 50 people ... who came to play, to push themselves into freedom, into the tribal body ... they came ready and willing and eager ... most came via the web (Corey, your work paid off). There was a video crew (or were they plants?) From a terminally hip web site thinking i may be hot .... They didn't last long! There were Catty, D.E., Jennifer, Walkperson, Harley, Caterina, Fred ... All from the E-salon. There was a guy who came to my performance in Phoenix who brought his wife so that she could experience for herself what he has been yapping about for 10 years, etc., Etc. This group was powerful! And Les was videoing all of it ... even when his leg gave out!

But the heart of the performance was THE CAVE. It turned out to be one of the most magical/powerful/deep caves ever in my work. This mainly was because of Catty ... Her direct trust, her ability/willingness to focus beyond time and taboo, and her wise innocence...and her willingness to put her body and everything else in service of the magic. And yes, she's a very deeply happy person ... which opened possibilities for everybody. After the performance, people kept saying how healing, transforming, hopeful, life/world-changing the cave was. The response was overwhelmingly intense. I can't reveal what happened in the cave.

(photo by Andrzej Bialuski)

After the cave, D.E. took us to another state by reading my poems in a .... Well, how I read Lovecraft or Poe ... CHILLING!

But I saw I was running out of time ... Didn't do half of what had been on the menu ... Time warped on me. It always does! So I had Linda pair people to rock on each other for a special version of WRAPPING/ROCKING ... Created by my bummed knee. One angry guy about hit me/Linda for not pairing him with THE RIGHT GENDER! We must be doing something right!


Now it's your turn to write about your experience if you came to play!

In Freedom
Frank Moore

Hot Passion Underground Music/Dance Jam
Watch the video of the entire performance at Surf Reality performance here. Video by Les Barany.

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