From: Frank Moore
To: e-salon
Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2002 12:13 AM
Subject: the inside story!

The festival (New York International Independent Film and Video Festival) is great ... the people and the films were great. But I knew going in that the fest was, on some level, a con. so I have been wheeling and dealing with them from the beginning, getting a lot more for less money ... conmen usually like being conned. So I got incredible deals. But they kept fucking up. I didn't expect many at the noon screening friday. That was ok with me. Actually people did come and they were excited about FEISTO in a deep way ...saying things like REVOLUTIONARY, CHALLENGING, DIFFICULT, INTIMATE,. Two actresses got together with me the next day ... wanting to work with me! and distribution companies are calling.

BUT THE SCREENING ROOM ON FRIDAY WAS UPSTAIRS! I could/would not get to it! So while my film was playing upstairs, I was downstairs raising hell. It turned out they found out a few weeks ago that it wasn't accessible ... they had just assumed it was accessible. BUT WHEN THEY FOUND OUT, THEY DID NOTHING ... not even connecting me = wheelchair X stairs = LAWSUIT! So I could demand anything! that's how I got the second screening at the big, accessable theater at night!

BUT THEY FUCKED THAT UP TOO! There was a large crowd. FEISTO was the last film of the night ... the fest paid a pretty penny to keep the theater open late. But when my time came, no film! people waited for 10 minutes ... then most left. Finally we went out to the lobby to find out what happened. We were told by the theater staff that all the fest staffhad gone already and the theater had no FEISTO TAPE TO PLAY! . By luck we brought another copy. so we showed that to a small row of commited people. SO IN NYC PRIME TIME IN A BIG THEATER!

july 19, 2002
from: Frank
to: the e-salon

A lot happened. It'll take me quite a few e-mails to get it all down.

But one thing that really blew us away is how many people everywhere we went told us how important LUVeR,, and the e-salon are in their everyday life ... how they listen everyday to LUVeR AT WORK, how they check the site everyday, how they read the e-salon over their friend's shoulder and get politically inspired and just plain hopeful and connected to a community.

We here always talk about how the work reaches/effects/infects a lot of people. But it was overwhelming to get such intense feedback!

From: Dr. Susan Block
To: Frank Moore
Sent: Wednesday, July 17, 2002 9:25 PM

excellent stuff!
great seeing and playing with you saturday night... still recovering... xxxo suzy etc.

From: Frank
To Suzy/e-salon

M e too. My neck is no worst for wear from your humping it cowgirl-style, riding your brama bull (me!), waving your cowgirl hat as Kim and Linda took care of my lower half, as women ejaculated all over the place all night ... all over us, our backpack, etc. linda and Iprovided some explicit intimacy in the middle of LOUD FOOTBALL FUCKING. But everyone was so respectful ... except the guy that Kim kicked out (DON'T GET HER MAD!) when he complained about the erotic attention i was getting ... she said "he does not get our revolution!" It's a lusty juicy human skin orgasm exploding love sex revolution ... extremely dangerous! But for a thrill (?), try being carried down 3 flights of stairs at 4 am after a wild orgy in a wheelchair by 4 great guys ... but after an orgy! facing possible death ... the death trap elevator died at 4am. BUT IT WAS DEFINATELY WORTH IT! living what most people dream of ... complete with suzy doing the play-by-play of my very wet dream!

From: Dr. Susan Block
To: Frank Moore
Sent: Saturday, July 20, 2002 7:57 PM
Subject: neck secks

L et's hear it for neck-humping! that's the way Ihad my first orgasm with max--I rode the back of his neck to a rip-roaring climax, just like Irode yours, frank! it's a very effective form of outercourse. And one of the tamer things that went on last saturday night. Ihave never seen so many women ejaculating! they soaked the bed, all the pillows, carpets, couches, everybody's clothes, everything! and the guys didn't do a bad job either. Kim had a great time playing with you. we're playing the whole orgy on radiosuzy1 now. It's free to listen to all the sex, the calls (remember the call from the cute-sounding chick from berkeley watching btv?), my play-by-plays, the celebration of the downfall of those censor/cheats at adelphia, and your distinctive REBEL YELL. Unfortunately, we have to charge folks to watch the streaming video, or we go broke on broadband costs (you know how it is). But the sound is quite satisfying, all those screams of pleasure and excitation. Amen and awomen! I'm still recovering, so no guests tonight, just a brief call-in show from bed (213.749.1330), if you want to call me), then I'll sit back and listen to the soundz of secks when we re-run "a midsummer night's orgy." btw, lots of people have been asking me, "who was that guy in the wheelchair, and was he really having sex with the bald gal?" LOVE you & linda & mikey (& where was corey?) ... suzy & la bonobos

At the Gala opening of the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, Wyndam Bel Age Hotel, Los Angeles

The Cherotic All-Stars at Liquid Den, Huntington Beach

The Dr. Susan Block Show
from left to right: Suzy, Frank, Linda, Kim

Kim and Frank at Dr, Suzy's

Frank at the screening of FEISTO, Lemmle Theater, Los Angeles

More Liquid Den photos
by Michael LaBash

More photos of Dr. Suzy's
by Michael LaBash

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