We all here have performance hangover tonight. The jam at Kimo's last night was pretty wild, intense, the most explicitly DEEP CORE sexual / erotic / pantanic public dance / music jam we have done to date – as the society is getting more repressive, we are turning up the heat! The band contained 20 people – tying the record of the biggest CHEROTIC ALL-STARS BAND. It included most of FLUFF GRRL (the first band of the night – they are regulars in C.A.S.), the horn section of SPIT (the second band of the night, jazzy!), the regulars from the U.C.B. series (Dr. Oblivious, Nate Scott, Lena the Jaw-Harp Queen and her friend Chris, and the weird Michael Peppe who scatted), C.A.S. old-timers Bobby O'Brian and John the Baker, and my cute nude student Jim Burr. We actually went through two drummers in the hour jam! The band filled the stage and spilled off the stage, forming a horseshoe shape. Linda, Kirsten and I were in the middle of the horseshoe singing and dancing.

Actually the set started with me alone on the stage singing for 2 minutes. Then the rest of the band piled onto the stage like onto a subway at rush hour! A groove was found right way, a pounding beat, down-to-earth underpinnings, going deeper and deeper into surreal erotic trance, everybody feeding off one another.

Actually I used the first few minutes of the jam to shoot scenes for our film 5 Days in Lila, using KIMO'S for BURNT RAMEN. Before the show, I surprised Kirsten (who plays Jen Wilson in the film) and John the Baker by having them do their scene right there! They were great! (John, I'm open to a bribe to not tell Jen your 'motivation'!) So Kirsten as Jen started with a light in her underpants, then took off her costume (a green net mini skirt), and played 'conga cunt'. I had Mikee wear his ritual costume so that he could be videoing within the jam on the stage. The resulting video may be the most explicit, arousing, pubes-burning, intimate rubbing licking sucking YOU'RE IN THE MIDDLE CLOSE-UP warm pleasure GOING INSANE tribal skin musical video ever made! Kirsten (as Kirsten after fulfilling the film's role), Linda and I kept going deeper and deeper into one another within pleasure, infusing / generating the music with unlimited possibilities, which in return created space for us all to blast deeper outside formality into a cozy wildness. This feedback could have continued much longer, much farther. But it was closing time at KIMO'S.

This ends the most intense run of performances I have had since the 70's. For over 7 months, it has been practically a performance or an intensive every week AT LEAST! And not wimpy shit either. It has openned a lot up, has brought a lot of amazing people together to work and play in tribal (r)evolutionary change! Historic! And it is just the beginning! I think the U.C.B. series will continue in September. But our next scheduled performance is a 5-hour one at BUILD in S.F. on October 4. REST UP!

Free audio file download of the All-Stars set is available here: https://archive.org/details/frankmoore2003-08-08


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