The Dream Journey of Passion

848 Community Space

San Francisco, California

Saturday, February 1, 1997

32 people came ... 25-50 is the ideal for that kind of performance. They were very gentle. They came desiring and ready to go into intimate realities. A lot of returnees ... of two or three previous all-nighters ... BTW, that woman from phoenix was the same woman! (i'm getting together with her.)

A lot of the new people said they have been thinking about coming to a performance of mine for years ... seeing the fliers ... hearing things ... working up their courage ... and this was the year. they all said they were glad they came. This is one reason i think what we call performances (and other public art) are just tiny visual tip-peaks of a much larger work. this is why i'm careful to stay consistent in the intensity and the spirit of the work.

I can't say more about this performance ... or i'd affect your process of coming to a performance!

In Freedom, Frank

Frank and Lilly Dancing

Photos by Linda Mac


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