JUNE 25, 2007


Yep, what a great birthday party and jam! I’ll let Erika and Da Boyz tell it in detail. But it was a mixing of some of the important [not the right word] people/characters of the last 37 years of my 61 years…back to 72 with David Patton from the commune all the way to the present…sitting with Linda watching all of the aspects of our life intermingling together, jamming/playing together…even the rich guy who owns half of the neighborhood and with whom over the years we have had heated battles. He and his wife joined lustfully in the jam and afterwards talked about how it transformed him! Hey, that is the kind of parties and dinners we will have in the White House after I’m elected! My running for president was the theme of the party! Erika and Da Boyz worked hard to create the set/environment that transformed everything! But, hey, they are professionals. And we had many veteran cherotic all-stars jamming. So that the new people…including the 8-year old neighbor kid...could slip right in.

Everything blew me away! I’m lucky to love these people! Fuck! Read on!

From Erika:

Party Day!! I woke up about 8:30 and had a shower to wake up and then cleaned the bathroom. I finished making the Frank Moore for Pres banners and ate some breakfast. Then I vacuumed upstairs. Corey had a birthday errand to do so he could go pick up the posters at Krishna and I set out to get frames and something to put the Shannon Spritzer in. I was able to find frames at Walgreen's and the pictures for the spritzers at Smith and Hawken across the street. Back at the house I assembled the poster in the frame and it looked great. I started decorating first on the deck and outside and then inside. Alexi was working on cooking and Corey started to construct the thing in the driveway to hang the banner and Alexi would help when we need it with decorations. We got both banners up and most of the decorations and then I blew up some balloons and added some final touches. Corey went to get ice and set up the drinks and I got the two tables inside and outside set up with plates, napkins, cups and silverware. It was getting close!!!!!! Next I decorated the cake and the ice tea came down and Lenny and Carolyn and their friend were the first people to arrive. They had drinks and sat out on the deck, and soon you would be down! I finished decorating the cake and Carl Bryant arrived and he get was getting the update on BNG from Corey. I got the bar set up for the Shannon Spritzers so I could make them fresh when you were ready for them. You were on your way and we were on the look out so we could cue up the music, "Hail to the Chief," when you arrived. You got here and Frank talked to Carl and Lenny, Carolyn and then came inside to check out the decorations, the cake and the food that had arrived so far. We unveiled Frank's first present which was the big poster of Frank Moore for President and then on to a bathroom stop and getting Frank all set up in his chair. More people arrived and I got the Shannon Spriters made and served up and then turned out really tasty! The food was really already!! and we sat down to eat. more people arriving, Nina, Koala and Nadia, Jim and Flow and then presents came in too! The food was delicious, so many things to try. I went around taking photographs inside and out on the deck of everyone at the party. The banner felt down and Corey and I put it back up. It was a really fun party with more and more of a cast of characters arriving throughout the night. Jessie spilled drinks all over the floor and Linda and we cleaned it up! Next it was time for the cake which we brought over to Frank and lit the candles, everyone singing happy birthday. There were many different desserts to try so a lot of the birthday cake was left over. Everyone really liked the chocolate cheese cake that Paul sent from Chicago. Walter Funk and Dr. O and Jen arrived just in time to eat a little and join in on the Jam. Carl and Linda Lasagna arrived with a big basket of delicious looking biscotti and Carl got on the Roto Toms for the Jam. Lenny and Carolyn started off singing a couple of songs that were just great bringing everyone together and then the jam started with a blast and never let up everyone just letting it out, Carl Lasagna rocking out on the drums, and the kid from next door on the xylophone. Really fun. Linda and Frank wailed on vocals and I joined in and also played the clarinet. After the jam several people started to leave the party and Russell gave Frank his birthday present, a beautiful didjeridu from Australia. After a few good-byes and a trip to the bathroom Frank got set up with Coffee and some cheese cake and we talked with Kay and Walter Funk and Emily a customer from BNG arrived. We told the story of Lasagna and the Blue House and talked to Kay about the issues she has been having trying to get medical treatment. The last of the party goers left and we all sat around and talked about the party and drinking lot's of beverages and opening some final birthday presents including a year of extended cable!!! You headed home with a lot of food and then we cleaned up here, putting food away including 6 bags of birthday cake, there were lot's of dishes to wash and throwing all the trash away, brining in everything from outside. Once we got everything cleaned up I had my herbs and then had a shower and got in bed to sleep. What a fun day! What a great party!!!

And from DA BOYZ:

From that point until even after the party officially started, we were working nonstop. Alexi had his hands totally full with the food prep, and Corey with all the set up, constructing and decorating ... We had to improvise the big driveway banner, creating a rough arch to brace the whole thing. Whistle-stop 101! It was really really fun to see all the decorations going up, and how beautiful the house looked, and what a perfect day it was for a party. There was an amazing amount of stuff to do, and amazing that we were able to do all of it ... so much fun.

Corey ran off to get ice before 4, loaded up the drink buckets ... we all just worked together to get everything set up just in time. And then lights, camera on ... people were arriving, and there was Frank!

And it wasn't like it ever really slowed down from that point on, we ate our plates of food over a period of hours! But it was just so much fun, and so satisfying to see the party come off so well, and people enjoying it so much, and everything working ... Loved that you loved it ... Such good vibes and warmth ... it was neat for Corey to see the BNG folks come into that environment and really take it in on different levels. You could feel it in everything. Nai's boyfriend said that he could feel a lot of love went into the Blue House. He was asking Corey lots of questions about it, and was really impressed with the whole thing. Paul said that Mindi was entranced by the computer slideshow ... she was watching it almost the entire time they were there.

It was a smaller party than the year before, but it was neat, cozy, and intimate. Alexi's experience on the grill was that there was always cooking going on, but not as frenzied as the year before. It is always amazing the diverse collection of people that come together who might never meet under any other circumstances ... like Carl Lasagna playing an electronic toy from Amsterdam with Walter Funk out on the deck for a half hour! Jonathan and Lana really liked the jam, and loved the house ...before they left, they said they would love to get together for dinner as we had been talking about, and we would shoot for a Thursday night.

The food was amazing, delicious ... Alexi said that he was starving when he started cooking, and then said later that he was in a trance for the next 3 1/2 hours cooking almost nonstop and eating here and there ... not even noticing feeling hungry anymore. Isobel hung out with Alexi for a while at the grill ... like last year, she was talking with Alexi about natural cat scratch posts ... she was still looking for one, because she thought she had gotten one for her cats, but it turned out it had pressboard and plywood ... she thought it would be a great niche for someone to really make all natural scratch posts out of branches, tree trunks, etc. Alexi had all kinds of ideas for how it could be done. She was also saying how beautiful the deck and the whole house was, and wondering in a theoretical way about the possibility of renting it out for some kind of event ... she didn't have anything specific in mind, but it would be of course something that we all supported ... Alexi said he didn't really know if that would work, but he would pass it on to Frank ... Isobel said she did not have anything in mind, it was just something that occurred to her being here again and seeing again how beautiful a setting it was.

Emily, the gal from Elephant and regular customer at BNG was really impressed with everything ... Corey had never really gotten a chance to really talk with her at the store, so she was wowed to hear just a little about Frank and about the Blue House. She wished she had gotten there earlier for the jam, etc.

The jam was just amazing ... it felt so deep, vulnerable, raw and intimate ... and it was so beautiful ... Lenny, Russell and Dr. O and Lasagna creating this subtle rhythmic bass underneath an amazing chorus of sounds. It was very powerful to listen to and to feel. It felt like it created possibilities in itself ... and that it satisfied deep things ...

It was so neat as the crowd thinned out and Linda told stories of the Blue House and your relationship with the L word ... and then just the 6 of us after everyone else had left, talking about the party, and sinking into the furniture! It all felt really good ... was fun to clean up too ... and then to collapse in a cleaned up house, cleared out, but filled up with the good vibes of the party...

In freedom,
Frank Moore

Free audio download of the jam available here.

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