JUNE 25, 2006

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

We here are still recovering from my 60th birthday party Sunday. It was amazing! A celebration of a rich life, of our tribal body, of our extended community. From 4pm until 1am it evolved with GREAT food, a 30 pound (?) all-organic killer chocolate cake. Erika with Alexi and Corey decorated the already beautiful Blue House with magic. Chef Alexi manned the grill on the deck. Mikee videoed Linda, Erika and I holding court, interacting with the parade of poets, artists, punks, activists, neighbors, ex-black panthers, Cherotic All-Stars, LUVeR djs, and other strong strange/straight/whatever characters ... about 60 when it was all done. Steve and Betsy came all the way from my college days in the 60s, Stavros from the roots of the E-Salon, and Jim and Flo from The Outrageous Beauty Revue.

I got so many mind-blowing birthday presents that it is impossible for me to thank each person. So THANKS! And luver got over $300! And my presidential campaign got a huge boost! Everybody got a fm4prez button!

Then around 8 p.m., the formal entertainment shock treatment started. First Jesse Beagle read her “Nude” poem for me. Then Kaye read a poem. Then Steve and I did a zen/zappa duet together... Steve playing his stand-up bass while I did vocals. Then the All-Star Jam faded in when Bob Madigan, Ann Madigan, Chris Cortese, Barney, Adam, Erika, Linda, Kirk Lumpkin, and Russell (a.k.a., Dr. Gruve) joined us to shift the joint into a surreal trance. Then our 13 year old rocker neighbor, Adam, and his mom fled when Bob stripped and blew up a he-sex doll! A night to remember all of your life. And I for one will!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Free audio download of the jam available here.

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