We at W.A.P. are very proud to be associated with Free Speech TV. I have called FStv the best web site (well, OK .... one of the best) because it provides an open and free channel for radical/(r)evolutionary voices (and bodies) for a more humane world. This is why W.A.P. will carry daily feeds from FStv. By watching/listening to these feeds, you'll get addicted to FStv .... then you'll explore FStv's huge multimedia library.

FStv is where you can find our past offerings on Sounds from the Underground and The Intimate Theater, enabling us to bring you more art/sounds/music shit!

Who are we trying to fool? We confess! W.A.P., FStv, and our other friends and allies ARE taking over the world!

Chinga Chavin's Country Porn
Country Porn was one of my influences. Country Porn is one of the best bands I have ever seen/heard ... or was until they self-destructed by trying to go mainstream. So this L.P. is rarer than shit!

Kris, Jack, Uri
Over 40 minutes of nonstop cool jazz sound improv.

Beat Up Hrothgar and others
By Daak Madison and David Owczarek ... Delightful folk songs from a strange and twisted magical kingdom.

Kilki - Land Speed Record
A musical safari into the dark dangerous side of the ID!

John the Baker & Slimy Penis Breath - Live
John primal screams rawly against social injustices and other fuck-ups ... screams inspired as only a holy madman can do!

Jackbeast, exploding out of Dublin's music scene, will hard drive you into the hard core of transformative reality!

Bob Fields
Bob Fields is great to cruise or surf to ... but remember, obey the speed limit. O.K., that is impossible while listening to this!

Mooney Suzuki
Mooney Suzuki ... you can just smell N.Y.C.'s CBGB when you listen to these music masters of leather punk!

Loosen A Notch On Yo, Bible Belt, Baby
Smarty Pants are tongue-in-cheek pop, light but with a bite ... ending up with a complete soap opera for voice and piano. ROCK ON, DUDE!

Hot Blueberry Jam
Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band's performance at W.E Fest 98. The art of listening on the part of everyone in the band made the band's sound dynamically ebbing-and-flowing. From Takayuki's and my duet reading to the jam ... Kenyata's rockstar licks and gestures egging me on, Takayuki's dramatic drumming, Dave's child-like keyboard style, Rick's weird sound creations, Rueben's shy strange sounds matching his nose glasses, my moaning vocals (dancing on my bum knee somehow cured my knee!) .... to Linda's powerhouse readings in the untamed musical storm ... to "My Way", the set was simply electrifying ... as I listen to the tape (including the Helms duet) made by Al.

Garden of Sirens
Take the young Patti Smith group and the young Blondie ... blend well ... and listen to Garden of Sirens!

Paul Robeson
He is one of the heros whom THEY don't want us to know about!

Al's Bar, January 30, 1998
The first 2 sets of the gig featuring The Casiotones and Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band ... Coming soon the rest of the night featuring Instagon's set and the final jam by members of all 3 bands!

LAPD Home Invasion (check back soon)
LAPD police action comes down in the middle of the night against renown sex therapist and broadcaster Dr. Susan Block ... Read about it as you listen at Dr. Suzy's site. Or read Frank Moore's account of the raid!

Basketball Fan
Flying Shelsons are really J.Wasco's extremely warped view of "reality" This time basketball is exposed as an absolutely stupid game. Don't eat before listening!

Jack Foley's Allen Ginsberg Interview
This is a wide-ranging and deep conversation between two poets ... one my hero, the other my friend. Worthy to be listened to a few times. Can poets really speak the truth? Are we all homos AND hetros? Can Ginsberg say FUCK on the radio? Find out! Also hear what dead poets sound like!

Fairy Tales Can Come True
This is the RealAudio version of a film about relationships and disability starring Frank Moore, who has been disabled since birth with cerebral palsy. It is a humorous, yet realistic look at how to establish relationships by changing negative self image.

A Conversation Between Two Muckrakers
Frank Moore's wide ranging interview with Paul Krassner, the Forest Gump of the underground, father of zines, publisher of The Realist, once editor of Hustler, pals with Lenny Bruce, etc. We also have the transcript.

Cultural Subversion
A multimedia essay by well-known Berkeley performance artist/ provocateur Frank Moore. In this piece, Mr. Moore contemplates the allegedly liberating nature of new media:
". . . it is important to realize at the beginning that personal technology, anarchistic technology is still technology. All technology has hidden, built-in links to the established order of isolation and fragmentation. These links can frustrate attempts to use technology to subvert the established reality."
Reading by Linda Mac, music by Frank Moore and K.Atchley.

Beyond Erotic
A Poetry Reading double billing Barbara Golden and Frank Moore at Cafe International, San Francisco, California on Friday, January 24, 1997. Live music by K.Atchley.
The title says it all. For the first 30 minutes, Barbara very emotionally, very explicitly remembers her recently dead lover ... floating in the erotic past on K.A.'s guitar. Then, for the second half of the show, a strange jam of Linda Mac reading my poems of passion as I moan vocal with K.A's guitar. See Photos.
See a portion of the reading in RealVideo!

Down Home w/ Frank Moore
In a rush? Relax! Sit on my porch and I will sing you a few country favorites. Ahh, come on, relax for 9 minutes!

If Jesus Wore A Hat
and other poems by Ana Christy. The well-known neo-beat poet reads specially for us!

The Nude Cave
Original Soundtrack by Frank Moore.

Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band
Live at The Artist's Cafe, San Francisco, CA. July 12, 1996. Featuring Ki-Lin Reece (guitar), Barbara Golden (keyboards), Corey Nicholl (keyboards), Mark (drums), Frank Moore (vocals).

Barbara Golden's Greatest Hits: Vol.1
A Retrospective of Songs. Go to Barb's web site to buy this CD or get more info. Go to Frank Moore's Review.

A noise concert (recorded live) by K.Atchley with John Bischoff ... guaranteed to put you into an altered state!

Flying Shelsons
I don't know who the fuck Flying Shelsons is/are. I just found the tape in my TO-USE basket .... edgy satire in the tradition of Fireside Theater. I checked my pants for shit after I listened to Best Day I Ever Had. And in The Diving Board, a plot to clean up the gene pool is exposed!
Ah, Frank! Flying Shelsons are in effect, one guy, Jay from the band Johnny Skilsaw. He has a friend who's a stock broker, and every now and again, his friend will come over to his studio to get the daily grind off his chest, and Jay tapes all his rantings and then reedits them together, and adds sound effects and music to create a narrative thread, and viola - Flying Shelsons! It's ironic you found him, the tape is only now beginning to make the rounds; we're including "best day I ever had" on our upcoming cassette comp that we give away (along with your and Linda's version of "I Got You Babe", as a matter of fact!)
-- kenyata sullivan - W.E.Fest bottle washer, Opulence! mascot, and other random troublemakings

Dorothy Jesse Beagle
A killer live performance by Dorothy Jesse Beagle (with musical back-up by Corey Nichols) at San Fran.'s Cafe International. Hot momma Jesse belts out poetry and blues. It is holy shit! Photo by Linda Mac.

On Thee Path To Thee Golden Bird by Instagon
That's right, that underground institution with our own LOB! This sound music vision quest begins with W.S. Burroughs saying "hi" ... and along the way you'll hear songs penned by Charles Manson, what a trip!
And if that ain't enough, you will find the original cover art and liner notes here.

To listen to "Sounds from the Underground" you need to have the RealPlayer which you can download for free from Real Networks.


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