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<velisia2> what happens
<LUVeRcentral> Hi Velisia, any questions from Frank?
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* cagungunj waves! o/~ Hello everybody!
<velisia2> Frank, how do you control or do you control the eroplay from becoming orgy
<velisia2> is there any line?
<LUVeRcentral> Hi Jennifer
<LUVeRcentral> are you listening on luver
<cagungunj> no
<cagungunj> i am going to try
<LUVeRcentral> Velisia is also with but try to get on luver
<velisia2> luvercentral?
<LUVeRcentral> yes
<LUVeR> listen now link
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<cagungunj> i got it
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<cagungunj> i can hear it now
<LUVeRcentral> good we will start over
<velisia2> ok
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<LUVeRcentral> velisia are you able to hear
<velisia2> no
<velisia2> how can i
<cagungunj> click on that link and it gives you directions
<LUVeR> yes that's it
<cagungunj> there are different ways to hear it... iTune, QuickTime, etc.
<velisia2> ok, i'm connected, i believe
<LUVeRcentral> so who is able to hear now?
<cagungunj> me
<velisia2> yes
<LUVeRcentral> amy what about you?
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<baby-mac> hi
<velisia2> one more person is coming
<velisia2> can you hold a second
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<LUVeR> you can see a cam here of us here
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<velisia1> russell are you here?
<LUVeRcentral> yes
<velisia2> frank, you talk about using that "invisibility" to do performance art right
<velisia2> did you perform during the interviews you talk about?
<velisia2> okay
<LUVeRcentral> what interviews, velisia?
<velisia2> frank just spoke about doing interviews with city of Berkeley officials where he was seen invisible
<velisia2> oh okay
<LUVeRcentral> that was a disabled friend of mine that I was his PA?
<velisia2> i do wonder though
<velisia2> Frank,
<velisia2> When you are leading eroplay public performances
<cagungunj> Frank, you talk a lot of about "spirituality"... it seems like your performance has to do a lot of spirituality.. what got you to into that?
<velisia2> how do you, if you do, control the eroplay from something more like an orgy
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<FlyingEagle> hi
* cagungunj waves! o/~ Hello everybody!
<LUVeRcentral> hi eaglle
<LUVeRcentral> heellow jennifer
<velisia2> oh okay, i am just thinking about what Frank was mentioning about his mentor of sorts who came to a performance and decided to have a young woman follow him around by telling her he would not be able to breathe
<FlyingEagle> whats going on
<velisia2> it was an interesting way you chose to involve them and exclude them at the same time
<LUVeRcentral> frank is answering a question by velisia
<velisia2> well, no nothing to add. Frank, you seem not to be heavyhanded in your controls, but from your writing and your pictures, the tone you set seems obvious
<velisia2> right
<velisia2> oh
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<cagungunj> nice
<velisia2> frank you are married right?
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<velisia2> here come the questions then
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<velisia2> well, in your writings, you say wife
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<LUVeRcentral> do you mean legally?
<velisia2> but you also mention communal marriage that broke up
<velisia2> i was wondering what you meant
<velisia2> by using the term marriage and how it became or was problematic
<LUVeRcentral> or in a commintted church
<velisia2> you use the word marriage though
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<velisia2> have you created a new word to describe the committments you have?
<velisia2> wow
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<eric> hello?
<LUVeR> hi eric\
<velisia2> Frank, you do mention that despite the fact that your relationship is not Western in concept, human emotions like jealousy still come up
<velisia2> ?
<eric> ok, so what'd I miss?
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<LUVeR> eric you can see Russell et all here
<LUVeR> and you can listen here:
<eric> please, what's the topic?
<LUVeRcentral> talking about Frank's tribal relationship
<velisia2> oh, can i get clear on some time periods then. when i am reading your writing, you speak of the communal relationship that broke up because of jealousy that became obvious after partners began having intercourse with other members?
<Susan> but isn't it also because jealosy is about missing something someoen else has - and there is no missing
<velisia2> Will you give a short synoposis of timeline?
<LUVeR> you'll need to be listening to get what we are talking about
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<darklord> Hello
<LUVeR> hi
<Amy> hello?
<darklord> Hi Amy
<cagungunj> hi Amy
<eric> when you say tribal, are you including polyamory?
<Amy> finally, I have been trying to trpe for 20 minutes, and it has not been working!
<eric> me either!
<darklord> It's working now :)
<Amy> about time!
<darklord> :)
<LUVeRcentral> yeahh amy
<darklord> How are you Amy?
<velisia2> oh okay
<eric> my sound doesn't work!
<Amy> I am doing well. Am I stuck on bold now?
<darklord> Nope
<LUVeRcentral> youre now off bold
<Amy> They are talking about jeaolousy, and how it is not involved in their relationships
<velisia2> okay
<darklord> So what is this channel about?
<eric> so, does this involve polyamory?
<LUVeR> (eric the listen.html page has things to try if you have problems
<eric> no time left!!!
<Susan> yes we are discussing polyamory
<Amy> yeah, but their realtionships go way beyond sex
<LUVeR> we're just starting ....
<Susan> Eric this will go on for hours
<Susan> polyamory isn't always about sex
<eric> Yes, but I'm on a tight sched. :(
<velisia2> yes, that concept that love is work (also) is definetely not Western thought
<cagungunj> what happened?
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<Susan> poly is many amory is love ---many loves
<cagungunj> oh nvm
<LUVeR> paste this in your player's Open Url or Loctaion menu
<Amy> Do you all participate in every performance together?
<eric> I'm in a poly relationship currently
<velisia2> a question from helene: how did your family feel about your relationship with multiple people?
<velisia2> a question to the whole group
<velisia2> yes
<velisia2> biological family
<velisia1> yes, Helene had me ask the question. could not get on
<velisia1> Oh, and now you have 4 people in your life you are doing big things
<Amy> Frank, what advice would you have for people who do not yet have a connection to spirituality?
<Amy> In terms of spirituality being life...
<Amy> nope...
<Amy> I wish I did
<Amy> I don't feel connected to the earth
<Amy> or to all of the people around me
<Amy> yes, very heappy
<eric> I just can't get sound, am I out of the running?
<LUVeRcentral> sorry eric..
<Amy> because I am doing what I want to do wiuth my life
<LUVeR> (what player are you using eric?
<LUVeR> windows media player?
<eric> yes
<Amy> maybe I do not understand the meaning of spiritualuty
<Amy> I guess it is...
<Amy> okay, then I AM spiritual!
<Amy> !!!!!!
<Amy> Horray!
<LUVeR> which version player eric?
<Amy> Stoked!
<LUVeR> did you find the Open URL thing on the player?
<velisia1> Thanks to all of you good night.
<eric> how do i find out?
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<LUVeR> did you find the Open URL thing on the player?
<eric> where do i look?
<LUVeR> right click in thge top left
<LUVeR> or under the file menu
<Amy> poor eric...
<Susan> you are now much older than when you started on this path....
<Amy> so, if people log onto this website, can the view your performances anytime?
<Susan> how do you think aging is effecting you and your aspirations for the future
<cagungunj> what made you start this website?
<eric> I am just too frustrated by this whole thing. I guess I'll have to do some sort of make-up. Good night folks.
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<Amy> poor poor eric
<Amy> he was so excited to do this, too
<Amy> good!
<cagungunj> both
<Amy> I am going to go to bed. Thanks for my new-found understanding of spiriuality, Frank. I seriously felt out of the spiritual loop because I did not fully understand its meaning
<Amy> bye everyone!
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<cagungunj> I know a lot of people must of criticized your performance... what was the harshest criticism you've ever had? if there were any
<Susan> do you think gay marriage is a cop-out? should alternate relationship get the same legal safeguards as others?
<Susan> should your total relationship be considered a legal entity?
<cagungunj> lol
<FlyingEagle> i dont think we shld be concerned with what folks do behind closed doors. if there are two adults in a house, living together , having sex, thats a legal entity
<Susan> I'll vote for you!
<Susan> I want health insurance from my lover's policy- buthe can't put more than one partner on it
<FlyingEagle> i am not sure a legal entity should be more than two people. then it shldnt be called a family, maybe a community?
<Susan> Do you think you would be who you are today had you not lived in Berkely?
<FlyingEagle> me ?
<cagungunj> Do you see you're performance as doing that Frank? Living what you want to be true as true?
<Susan> But would you have gotten the support to develop if you lived in Kansas?
<Susan> And coudl you have become what you areinisolation?
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* TCB39 *
<cagungunj> are your performances continuous? or are they always different?
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<cagungunj> I apologize.... TIme for me to go to bed.
<cagungunj> Thank you for the opportunity to get to you Frank
<cagungunj> Good night everyone
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<Susan> I stay forever!
<Susan> I have you on my mailing list- so very likely
<Susan> Yes- excellent!
<Susan> Amanda Baggs
<Susan> She is changing the way people think of intelligence and communication
<Susan> It makes you wonder how many people lives might have been transformed if computer technology had been available to them
<Susan> Yes I was.
<Susan> Russell you are so sweet!!!!!
<Susan> We should talk more!
<Susan> Can we stay at his place?
<Susan> expand the tribe!
<Susan> Yes, I do.
<Susan> Have you got a few years?
<Susan> Flying Eagle found his way in
<Susan> Anyone who saw the room coudl just settle in
<Susan> And join in- not private
<FlyingEagle> i will leave if that is a problem
<LUVeR> (are you listening to the class also Flying Eagle?)
<Susan> I think he is feeling a bit shy ---
<Susan> he's been pming me
<Susan> Frank - do you thnk I should my help my son's first sexual relationship happen?
<FlyingEagle> i been reading the stuff here
<Susan> Does faciliatating sex extend to helping your child have a great first time?
<LUVeR> to listen go to:
<FlyingEagle> i dont think u shld do that Susan . everyone needs to do it on their own and in their own time
<LUVeR> to listen go to:
<Susan> I've been combatting this moral environment all his life
<LUVeRcentral> how, flying eagle?
<Susan> It is his time --- he just needs a lot of support ( or at least i think he does)
<Susan> Something similar to prom
<Susan> I found him a date and set things up
<FlyingEagle> did u have to teach him to masturbate too Susan ? i wouldnt think so. all u can and should do is prepare him for it. give him guidance and teach good bedside manners
<LUVeRcentral> how would you do that susan?
<Susan> That's OK- he has a great selection of preselected porn
<Susan> I let the girl know it was OK- he was mentally disabled but stil into sex and if he wanted it and she wanted it - she should go for it without hesitation
<FlyingEagle> so did they do it Susan ?
<Susan> so she came on to him, but he said no-------Now I think he would say yes
<FlyingEagle> thats all u shld do Susan . tell them what is and isnt possible, but let him do it on his own time
<Susan> (Actually I did have to teach him to masturbate)
<Susan> I bought him a fleshlight
<FlyingEagle> fleshlight ?
<Susan> the lube and a video
<Susan> fleshlight is a tube you can insert yourself into - looks like a flashlight
<Susan> silicone - feels like a vagina
<FlyingEagle> ic
<Susan> LOL
<Susan> you can get one at ood Vibrations
<Susan> oops Good
<Susan> Life is good!
<Susan> And sex makes it better!
<FlyingEagle> true lol
<Susan> Night!
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