On Thee Path To Thee Golden Bird


throughout our existence there has been thee ongoing search ... thee quest to find that which we are meant to behold. . . to find out our own truths and to recognize them when they arrive as guidance and knowledge ... to continue relentlessly until all paths have been tried and only the obvious is finally at hand. This path is epic, and may take entire lifetimes to follow, but we in our divine human nature continue in this seemingly endless, unrewarding search, that in turn becomes experience for us to base our thoughts upon. This is the "Path To The Golden Bird". The Golden Bird is the essence of desire, the unattainable, the impossible light that each ov us long to embrace. The Golden Bird is that which we desire most in the end to reach. The Path to the Golden Bird is experience, the process, enlightenment, life ... all of these are its names.. and we each in our own way travel down this path and to our individual interpretations ov Thee Golden Bird. The Temple has since it's beginnings, always strived for individuals to gain and embrace the understanding ov their own individual path. It has been a founding goal in all we do. Over the years we have had many paths open before us, the Temple attempts to create methods whereas to identify the path that may lead us to our Golden Bird, without too much straying. The Temple looks to teach a discipline for individuals on the hike called life, towards the dream called Thee Golden Bird.

this release is a collection of tracks done by Instagon in various incarnations during the first year ov it's existence, 1993. It was compiled for release in early 1994 by Lob and never released until now. The cover art is a reproduction of an original painting done exclusively for this release by Kevin Michael Regan. The J-card art was also done exclusively for this release by June Phetish ov Phetish Designs. Package designed by Lob

Instagon thanks these individuals for making this release possible, Kevin Michael Regan, June Phetish, William S. Burroughs, Dr. Oblivious, Dagon Productions, Thad Matson, George Malek, Darren O'Connor, 0pus23, Harold Ramis, Charles Manson, Dan Young, Jeff Whittaker, Robert Fisher, Myke Quest, Chris tm., Peek, Jennifer Blackler, Mel Brooks, Jolt Cola, and anyone we forgot

This release is dedicated 2 thee memory ov Bob Williams.

This release is limited to 100 copies 29 ov 100

Side One
Burroughs Intro *#
Zool Is God
Will We Ever Know? +
Press Fast Forward
More Musicus *
Strange Brew

Side Two
Prod (featuring Opus23)
Whoever Make The Most Noise Wins (1st Movement)
Ego ** Intro>
Garbage Dump **
Get Smart (Edited Version)

all songs by INSTAGON except for # by W.S. Burroughs, & ** lyrics by Charles Manson.
* originally appeared on IN007 Instagon/The Most Creative Thing ... CD
+ originally appeared on the WACO cassette IRC001












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CA 92648-0894 usa

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