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I may be off my rocker but at least I'm on line! Am sending you comments written the day after an evening in November with Corey/Alexi looking at your WEBSITE. This is also to give you my Email address.

Heard good things about Haight Street exhibit, hope I may still see it in December and do plan to come to your performance in January. I'll be performing at the Berkeley Art Center January 21 and hope you can come! If you do I'll be sure to read a new poem (true story) called "THE BODY SNATCHERS"

My comments on WEBSITE are:

November 1996

Frank, notes a.m. after pleasure of watching with Corey/Alexi THE WEBSITE!!!!!! Proud to be mentioned in same, surprised!!!!!!! to see among many photos, mine (oh, am I glad I took the camera - and had the guts to take photos, handheld, at less than 15 and they will tell you, THAT's NOT POSSIBLE. LOW LIGHT, NO FLASH, but a lot of tenacity.) Came out great thanks to MIKEE's superb art. PROUD too to have poetry titles listed, now I'm glad I'm 'big on titles!' Man, I've gotten awards before, but I feel GREAT being on the Internet!!!!!! with Frank Moore!!!!

I said, "Frank might end up leader of the world, of course, by accident! To put it in his own words."

The WEB site begins: (Frank always a class act so you think GOOD, you think BETTER, you think BEST, and then you find out Frank Moore fooled you again. The WEB Site doesn't unfold good, best, better, it unfolds like one chocolate candy wrapped in gold foil after another! Christmas every Sunday! Not afraid of PURPLE! Against rules of modesty (now Johnny, don't show it all, someone will think you are vain, just pretend you're a regular wishy-washy got my tie on straight? American boy, shuffle your feet, they'll know then your modest) the lust, lush, rush of color (a la Mikee) pours out like wild love, (that is, real love), wild abandon, undulating through tunnels of fresh paintings, (dripping) into a quiet womb (I didn't say 'room') where you might rest your weary head.

The WEB site is politically sound, spiritually sound, "watch out for assholes" sound, and everyone clicking in feels like it's their own brain talking, only better. Sensible Frank Moore! Outrageously, audaciously, "cute-as-a-button.somewhat Mick Jagger look-alike" sexily, morally immoraly, chasing money-changers out of the Temple-y, out of bodily (as we know it), beyond hip-ily, lively (live live live) verbally, non-verbally up down all around (BLUES) every which way SENSIBLE. Have I insulted Frank Moore --- SENSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

(c) 1996 JESSE BEAGLE NOTES - November 23, 1996

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