Subject: Fire! Please help Annie!

Date: Friday, April 16, 1999 12:22 AM

Dear Friends,

Sadly, I'm writing to tell you about a tragedy that happened last night (Wed. evening 14 April). Annie Sprinkle's beautiful houseboat home in Sausalito, California was destroyed by fire. Thankfully, she was not there; she was in Seattle performing her show. It seems that her housesitter left a candle burning when she went out to do the laundry. The fire destroyed everything, but the most difficult part for Annie was that her two beloved cats, Linda & Tuddles, perished in the fire.

Annie is handling this tragedy with all the heart, forgiveness and generosity of spirit that we have all come to know and treasure in her. She is also keenly aware that this cleansing by fire is also a incredible, undeniable opportunity for rebirth. And this is why I am writing to you.

Annie's entire professional life as well as all her personal possessions were destroyed in this fire: her camera equipment, all her photo archives, the master copies of her videos, her computer (and it's contents), her wardrobe, the drafts of her upcoming books, her art supplies, her books, her music... EVERYTHING.

Quite simply, I am asking for a donation. Not so that Annie can "replace things" but so that she may build a new life for herself in whatever form she chooses. The form of your donation is completely up to you. You may wish to dedicate an orgasm to her. You may wish to pray or do a ritual (if you use any candles, for Goddess's sake, be careful!!!) . Perhaps you'd like to write her an email of support (her big desktop computer was destroyed, but she has an old laptop with her in Seattle so she can get email.)

Or perhaps you'd like to send $$$money$$$. The plain and simple truth is that as rich and full as Annie's inner life is, we all live in the physical world and it is going to take $$$money$$$ to rebuild her outer life. (No, she did not have any insurance. Like most artists, she puts the money she makes back into her art-except, of course, for all the money she has so generously given to or spent on others in their time of need.)

Annie obviously has no phone right now and no address. (In fact, she is still in Seattle honoring her commitment to her performances.) But she does have an email a post office box-P.O.Box 396, Sausalito, CA 94965.

Whatever form you choose for your donation(s), I invite you to be as generous to Annie right now as she has always been to all of us. Annie has touched all our lives in so many ways. She may be one of your dearest friends. You may have had the good fortune to work with her. You may consider her a role model or a mentor. Your life may have been enriched by one of her workshops or videos. Or perhaps you are one of the many people who have benefited from her courageous and delightful discoveries about sex. Perhaps you've had sex with her yourself! Whatever your connection to Annie, she needs your love and support right now.

Please give in whatever way you can. There are so many of us who love Annie. If we all chip in we can make this so much easier for her. Please do it today.

With Love, Blessings, & Gratitude to you all,


P.S. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you know who might want to help.

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