I Dreamed Of Flying

I dreamed we were bats in a cave.
We lived each moment in joyous wonder,
Joining others in finding nourishment
And the magic of flight;
The flight of magic.
Once in awhile,
You said you couldn't find your wings.
Even while we flew.
But I would brush by you,
Hold you,
And they would be there.
Then I began to think I couldn't fly.
But I resisted that belief
And kept flying.
One night, I flew out and called to you
Inside the cave,
But you wouldn't follow me.
" Come out, come out! Come with me!
The night is wide open,
Full of mystery and magic!"
" No," you said,
" I can't fly! I can't!
I will fall! I am here, alone!"
But I needed to live,
To fly joyously with the others
In the night.
We called and called to you,
But you would not answer.
" If you'd asked us to show you how to fly again,
We would have.
And still would.
" Don't stay in the cave,
Or you will starve!
Fly with us in the magical night!"
I woke up in the cave, calling to you,
But you did not answer!



© Teresa Cochran