(for Kimmy)

There is a fresh-air-good feeling this 13th of October,
fall coming on thru sunny days;
good goblins and witches dancing about.

October is golden leaves with red splotches
and berries getting ready for December

October's child is crisp (yet warm)
and shiny as a brand new penny with script that reads,
"Come rains and snows of the mountains, I'm earthy,
have mittens and sleds not far behind.
Highest mountains , adventure and small animals of the wood
are my friends.

I am the one waiting in the alcove for Winter,
beckoning the adventures
I greet them, new and old, with a smile and a dance
of two steps forward, reach skyward, touch a pine tree limb,
and say,
Remember me? I'm October's child!"

© Dorothy Jesse Beagle

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