The Last Supper

A rare 7 inch steak
mashed potatoes with country milk gravy
Rolls with real butter
and NO vegetables
and banana ice cream
with hot fudge sauce
and a bowl of fresh strawberries
on the side
I don't have to worry about gaining weight
they are coming after me soon
they are coming after me at 6:00 am
they are killing me
but they are killing me softly
killing me softly
with a gentle injection
lulled to sleep first
with a mild injection
when pleasantly asleep
I'll be given the final thrill.
leaving the victims tasting blood
They believe it's their salvation,
by the blood of the slaughtered lamb
an eye for an eye
salvation through
March on! March on!
Ye victims of the world
march back in time
an eye for an eye
But not I. I forgive them!

When they discover and they will,
I didn't do the crime,
I hope they'll remember
The Last Supper
Jesus beside me, our hands nailed to the cross
I said a prayer,
Remember that I said it
without vengeance
Remember that I left this world in a
bliss of forgiveness,
breaking bread (a crust from some soldier)
with Jesus, side by side, nails through our hands.

They're coming now,
It's over. I can't complain.
They gave me everything I asked for,
even the bowl of strawberries.

© Dorothy Jesse Beagle

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