Hi Frank, Linda, and Mikee,

Thanks for your note. I thought you would like the photos, even as I do, but to hear such enthusiasm is really exicting. I have done 23 sexual photo shoots to date, most of which have been very powerful for me in one way or another. But there is something about your shoot in particular that I find particularly transcendental. Working with the proofs has put me through a lot. It would take me a while, each time, sitting with all the images, before I could even see clearly what was in them. The process of selecting particular images for printing is always very intense and personal. By the time I am done pouring over hundreds of images of people being sexual, looking for minute details which show most deeply what (I imagine) was going on for them, I often feel (I say this a bit tongue-in-cheek) that there's a way I know their sexuality better than they do. I certainly feel that I know them in extremely intimate detail. Your photos have a unique way of transporting me that I don't entirely know how to describe or undrstand. there is something very powerful and universal -- beyond the specifics of sex, really -- in them. I am always grateful for their effect on me. I do hope and believe that they will move other people in much the same way that they move me.

Thanks again for the chance to work with you.

take care,



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