Dear Frank

Cherotic early food for thought Jesse poem is todays I had done a longish piece on Jesse called the reefer demigod but my main publisher has sat on it for some reason.
Tape I mailed was a present not a submission just to say; ' well, HI, there folks ' from elliott Cherotic has lots of think stuff like life has more to it than prearranged circumstances. My thoughts run something like this on the subject. Nature recycles everything rain to river to evaporation to sky to river to flesh to bone to dust to mineral to fertilize the soil to refurbish new growth over and over every atom is used and used again nothing is wasted neither is the life-force that man calls his soul. It recycles hence some strong willed people can recall past lives. The Buddhists think what you do effects how this perpetual cycle will end but they are incorrect for it is a flow but it is benign but it is not pre-set on some level of karma There is no higher plane only higher recognition of the present Today I went to CLAYTON FORBELL & GLYNN funeral parlor where they layed my girlfriend Diane out in 1986. This town was flooding from all the melting snow. I walked to the river where we had met back in the early seventies. i sat on a metal bench (somehow dry in all the snow). I stared out at the frozen river and she called to me. I wondered how far across i could walk until the ice cracked and I drowned but I stared out at the river and realized that she was life and i was life so the solution was to turn and walk away. I think the main problem with life is that people don't realize the universe itself rests between their legs. They keep waiting for a savioure to pop out of their asshole but only shit does and they always look so surprised. I expect only shit and deal with life accordingly.
OH yeah check is for new issue and glad to be aboard the erevolution some of our thoughts run roughly on the same path

always love,

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