Jesse's Blues

Jesse Helms love Jesus
the savioure he feels the same
got hisself a day-glow 'I love Jesse'
bumper sticker on the back of
his dodge caravan ( what you expect
God to drive, some piece of shit jap
junk shitbox, you limp wristed faggot
commie pinko four eyed mutha-fucker of
a nigger living son of a bitch. )
Jesse Helms loves Jesus
He's the defender of our rights
And he'll let you go most anyplace
Just as long as you are white
Jesse helms loves freedom
to say just as he please
and when no one is looking
He takes it on his knees
Jesse helms loves America
so virgin and so clean
but he reserves the right to own
your every single dream
Jesse Helms loves the N.R.A, the GAO and more
The F B I the C I A and marines on foreign shores
Jesse Helms loves Jesus
and all things pre-ordained
the precognition of our
spiritual being and all things
I can't stand so everybody sing
FUCK YOU jesse FUCK YOU (hear them drums) fuck you jesse fuck you
FUCK YOU jesse even Jesus hates you jesse your own mother hates you
jesse so FUCK YOU jesseFUCK YOU (hear them drums and fife)
fuck you jesse fuck you take it up the cornshoot tobacco man
even your own mama hates you jesse cause you an asshole jesse
and you give everybody the jesse blues

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