February 19, 2003
Frank Moore's artistic license
Frank Moore is in possession of a magic word, which I suppose makes him a shaman. By strategically invoking this word, he simultaneously gives himself incredible license, and places his actions beyond reproach. Just a little three-letter word: ART.

Eben Dodd, Oakland

February 19, 2003
For a non-reverend, he's mighty spiritual
Will Harper's article on Frank Moore was excellent. It was both well-written and truthful. However, I should explain that in all the years I have known Frank I had just assumed he was an ordained minister since he had founded the Church of Inter Relations and had such a wonderful knowledge of things spiritual.

The one thing Mr. Harper left out of his article that is worth mentioning is that Frank's Love Underground Visionary Revolution Station (Worldwide computer/radio) does not have only musical programs and Frank's own special program. I have my own show, Lunatics, Lovers and Poets (those are the kinds of people I interview), on which I also play audio books, usually by black authors, and public forums. The last forum I presented was last Friday in San Francisco at the Socialist Action Bookstore with Mumia Abu-Jamal's newest attorney, Robert Bryan. Frank has let me keep my show for four years even though he could have a larger audience with a musical instead. Frank has a social conscience. Catch my show Sundays, 12:30 p.m. at www.luver.com.

The Reverend Tom Sanders, Berkeley

February 26, 2003
Frank Moore certainly expanded my frame
I am sitting here at 5 a.m. reading this story about Frank Moore. I really appreciate how well-written it is. I personally don't see him as anything less than an extraordinary human being no matter what his physical abilities are or are not. I really needed to read about a guy like Frank right now. I loved the whole thing! He has so many philosophies that are true to the soul, and I needed to read that it is all right to stay true to the soul about this time in my life! My favorite parts were: his belief that fame stifles creativity, but that he feels he has a large audience without being famous, and the story about his life in poem, and how he boasts that "all in all life has been good!" That just made me laugh out loud.

I was not so sure that it was a good idea to say that he attracts "wounded searching souls"; although this may be their definition of themselves, perhaps it is better to say he attracts those desiring to be "real" in a world that doesn't promote real attitudes all the time. My frame was not only expanded by this story, it was validated.

Shauna Farris, Charleston, S.C.

March 5, 2003
Maybe they just need to have better orgasms
I saw the Frank Moore show on January 31. It was wonderful, but I had to leave after the first hour due to thirst and the hot temperature. I think most people are afraid of artists who tell the truth about sex, and encourage others to do so. Truth will terrorize the liars and those who deny themselves and others full sexual pleasure and expression. UC Berkeley Art Department and that cafe are all idiots and censors. Sex is always a hot topic, no matter what. I recommend a bunch of full-body orgasms for all the prudes who wish to censor Frank Moore. I am amazed at the level of sexual ignorance and repression in the USA. Don't they all realize sex is sacred and you should never mix guilt, fear, and censorship with sex? Frank Moore should be acquitted. He means no harm.

Linda Smith, Berkeley

March 12, 2003
Yuppie-Style Conservative or Antispiritual Hack?
I was shocked by this "mainstream" piece being published by what alleges to be an alternative press. The author's "wounded" bitterness drips from every line. At best, he notes Frank's determination and spiritualism. At worst (most of the article), he whines about being "pissed off" by Frank's confrontational humor (and claims that we would be too), or alludes that much of the rituals and performances are motivated by sexual desire (and gratification).
Having attended a performance (yes, just one) and even participating (a little, towards the end), I have to say either the author is a yuppie-style conservative or devoutly antispiritual (a radically "alternative" journalistic view indeed) to so grossly misinterpret Frank's message. Is he just embarrassed by nudity outside of sexuality, as his article seems to stress through repetition; does he feel threatened?

Or does he suppose he is representing the modern meme of "post-spiritual intelligence," which presupposes that people involved in either spiritual or philosophic exploration are simple-minded anachronisms, to be mocked and ridiculed for their self-gratifying rituals and beliefs? As if the meme of "consumption gratification" and "happiness through material rewards or entertainment," presented as intelligent and modern by the merchants and media, is not motivated by the same quest for "satisfaction" and "acceptance."
That an "alternative news source" would support the bitter and almost vindictive (if not discrediting then) undercrediting of alternative groups for their nonmainstream views smacks of hypocrisy of the highest order. I, for one, felt the author was trying to put himself above those he was "covering." What about the equality and openness that Frank represents threatens him so much that he felt obliged to sneer and look down his nose?

Frank is worthy of the coverage, and your article was long enough; too bad it seemed very biased and resentful. Maybe in the future you'll do a more earnest story, which, rather than being about how smart the author is, instead tries to illuminate the issues that Frank addresses and stimulates through his work.

Nic deGroot, Toronto, Ontario, Canada