Flaming hair,

flaming voice

singing belting raging the blues,

singing setting things right for the people,

belting it, the spirit, out beyond her voice,

flaming her voice hoarse beyond linear limits.


Listen very closely, carefully,

focus on her breasts

as she leads you by the arm

through an ever changing nonlinear maze

of stories, connections, names, human passions.

You'll need this focus point to surrender.


She, Jesse, can and will lead you

skipping and dancing

into the heart of all things,

of all matters.


She has lived and danced

upon this liquid lusty path,

has lived deep hard soft in the

not-so-clear/clean/pure waters

of humanity

long before,

and will long after,



So surrender to the mad woman,

to the senile bag lady,

to the peter pan child...

fall into her time warp hole...

fall into Jesse,

and you'll be falling

into wisdom deep and warm!


© Frank Moore 6/23/1997