i came to play



I came to play!

Came to the table

to play

I don’t care what I have

to do

to get a seat

at the table


I play every hand

dealt to me

not really caring about

winning or losing

or about skill…

just playing hands

to stay in the game


Yes, I am a dangerous player,

keep on playing


I came to play!

Came to bed

not to fuck you


to melt with you enjoying

mutual surrender

washing pleasure

swept away into oneness

exploring skin from the inside,

beyond time,

beyond self,

into the fun of being

into exploring

the furry cozy sweating love

that can’t be confined to the bed,

but claims the whole life

as its playpen


I came to play

to mix things up

to see what unexpected

will appear,

to jam

with playmates,

to lose ourselves

within one another,

within the playing,

the dancing,

the touching,

the music…

into listening

and melting


I came to play…

playing life the best way I can…

always playing against the house,

against the odds…

not a smart player…

never in competition…

just keep my eye

on the ball,

on each hand,

on following

the every move

of Lady Luck


I came to play…

often in the lonely fields

beyond taboo,

breaking thru THE WALL

to new possibilities…

but I am a team player…

always looking for playmates

to get muddy or sweaty with…


truth be told…

playing with myself

for myself

has never been fun,

only lonely


I came to play

with colors, noises, realities, bodies, words, characters,

limits, dreams, images,

life, death, symbols, magic…

and with you


I came to play

and I’m a dangerous player

because I don’t play

for money,



or from anger,




or to win…

so I can’t lose

can’t be beaten!


I came to play

to play

just for fun

…just to change everything!


I came to play…

after all…

I want to play with you…

we are mammals,

after all!


© Frank Moore 01/02/2000