art is a bitch



Someone asked:


1. What were the THREE MOST IMPORTANT things you did to get a break and start moving toward recognition as a performance artist?


2. While you were moving toward getting to where you needed to go, how did you make enough money to survive while not taking away TOO much time and energy from your creative work?


3. How do you spend your days now, mostly? e.g., approximately what percentage of each day is spent writing, marketing yourself, planning shows, arranging tours, scoping out and applying for grants, bringing in outside income, acting as a mentor to other artists, etc.?


4. What do you love MOST about doing what you do now?


5. What do you HATE most about doing what you do now?


I can only answer

art is not a career

not a money maker

but a money taker

an addiction,

a life long master

who does not give

a flying fuck


loves, hates,

what I want do,

where I want to go


the artist's job is to surrender,

to follow, to melt into art


making money is easy

but the river of art rarely flows

naturally that way

without damming the river up


so keep your day job

get a day job you like doing

because art is your mistress of night

& you ain't her pimp

she'll take your money & time

she will take you into the basement

of the unseen


you'll get old with her

attending her needs

rocking on the porch with her

no goals, no plans, no marketing,

no rush.


Just rocking, just surprises everyday,

just people dropping by,

just floating without knowing,

just doing, just suffering, just enjoying.

Just following.


Just trust the bitch art!


© Frank Moore 03/20/1999