Video by Frank Moore

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On the surface, it's your standard story of a clothes designer who finds a creature (guess who!) definitely not from HERE who totally turns her life upside down. But what it is really explores is the warm playing erotic small sexual messy fun turned-on reality between two people ... an ice cream cone melting through-out life!
copyrighted 2001, 104 minutes

Fairytales Can Come True
This is a film about relationships and disability starring Frank Moore, who has been disabled since birth with Cerebral Palsy. It is a humorous, yet realistic look at how to establish relationships by changing negative self image.
copyrighted 1981, 35 minutes

Erotic Play
This video explores what happens when people of all types and ages are given a chance to return to being a kid again. A simple game of dress-up becomes a powerful metaphor for dropping taboos, releasing creative emotion, and for dramatic change. As a result, an innocent eroticism is found ... as well as getting intimate with 60 humans.
copyrighted 1983, 84 minutes

Outrageous Dream
A surreal, visual poem of found images.
copyrighted 1984, 41 minutes

The Nude Cave
An erotic, surrealistic video dream that combines non-linear images and Frank's original musical score.
copyrighted 1984, 113 minutes

The Outrageous Beauty Revue
This raw video documents the tacky, musical, over-the-edge comedy revue that Frank created, directed and performed in. The show ran on a weekly basis for three and one half hears at the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco in addition to a number of other Northern California and Nevada performances. Frank performed along with the thirty people who made up his theater group, "the theatre of human melting".
copyrighted 1998, 77 minutes

Out of Isolation
A surreal erotic examination of an intimate relationship of need. Starring Frank Moore and Linda Sibio.
copyrighted 1989, 105 minutes

Chero Collage
Attempts to capture the trance state of live, shamanistic performance combining footage of several of Frank's performance group, Chero Company's rituals into a reality-warping video.
copyrighted 1992, 27 minutes

The Outrageous Horror Show
A live cabaret show that breaks through the limiting taboos, through messy nightmares, into the dreams of all possibilities.
copyrighted 1992, 32 minutes

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