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Hey Corey & Alexi - How goes? Thought I would finally sit down and lay some of my cards on the table, so to speak, about my thoughts/feelings regarding last Saturday's amazing ritual....

First thing right off, I arrived with very few expectations. My friends and I (a total of five of us) drove down that evening in hopes of a magical, exciting, and fun experience. Needless to say, I think we were all a little bit surprised at the more serious/sensual energy that we encountered. Being the merry pranksters that we are, nudity usually comes very easy/naturally for most of us, but the erotic tone of the space was a bit new for us, so we started the evening off with our clothes still hanging on our bodies.

Soaking it all in, observing myself as an observer for a change, I began to wonder why I really came to this strange affair. I had not pre-meditated any particular reason for my attendance and had arrived out of pure curiosity and adventure. But sitting there, watching people manifest a reality that is so often ignored, and sometimes scorned, I knew that there was a much larger picture that would soon be revealed.

The time spent in the cave was something I cannot describe in mere words, especially since words had no real relevance whatsoever. They are mere tools that we often become dependent upon to solve our riddles and self-indulgent mysteries. Losing both your sight and the power to communicate vocally is as profound as you make it out to be. Inside of the cave I created a space of true awareness, and I reveled in it for as long as I could. Of course I found myself making some good friends/playmates inside of Frank's cuddly cave and the foreign energy that I had first encountered upon arriving suddenly seemed like an old, ancient, long-lost lover from the depths of a past that I somehow had managed to forget about. Reuniting with old parts of yourself is pure bliss.

My night continued to be equally as playful and erotic as I needed after I left the cave. My close friend Peter and I decided that we wanted to join Corey and Heidi in their joyous romp in the corner, so we dove right into our natural element of laughter and childlike goofiness. I wasn't really concentrated on the audience up until this point during the night, and I was shocked at how many people followed us into this puddle of fun bodies. Apparently there were others to match us in our game, so the energy continued to expand. I felt very safe, warm and loved in this tight circle of human flesh and sweat. Talking to my friends later about this, they said the same.

Listening to Michael's awesome explication about Eroplay really made my unspoken feelings more tangible - such a cool piece that I'll be sure to remember.

Bones began to tire and the looming thought of our hour and a half drive back to Davis set in, so we began to gather ourselves to leave the ritual, although I would have liked to stay much longer. It seems that we had only hit the tip top of the enormous iceburg that Frank presented. Hopefully I'll have a chance to someday complete this wonderful/incredible journey. In the meantime, thanks to all for the buttery majic that contagiously spreads. It means a lot!

blessed BE -


FEBRUARY 21, 1998


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