- By Don Titmus

On Saturday November 8th Frank Moore came to town. This was my third time to see his production and with advance notice I arranged for some friends to join me. During the evening I suppose about 20 people came through the Cave of Lila. During this time the televisions played video's to entertain the waiting people along with the slapping, clapping, chanting people. Their melodic sounds mesmerized or bored the people present in the room.

On this evening the event called "Playing Dream Passions Naked" was being held at The Thought Crime Art Gallery in Phoenix, the same place as last time but renamed. Ironically only the name of the facility and the back room layout seemed to have changed. It was much smaller, more intimate, much to Frank's joy.

On my first occasion to meet Frank Moore, I was invited by one of the Slappers Rod Dailey of California. He insisted that I see the Show as everyone else did, so as not to spoil the experience. I experienced all that I could that first time. I pushed boundaries I never know existed. I enjoyed the entire evening including going to the restaurant with Frank and friends an incredibly experience I would never forget.

On my second occasion I was not feeling good, my cold hindered my ability to stay warm. I choose to be a watcher that time. I watched the event unfold before me and I watched in awe. With disbelief, I felt judgements come up, I recognized them, then let them go. The scene continued to unfold before me that evening. So many sensations similar yet different. One minute I felt I was right there amongst the participants, and then separate the watcher – held back from the full experience. For me the second visit to see Frank Moore's play was almost as hard as the first time. Remembering the joy or the fear of "He wants us to do what?" kept my senses reeling within the safety of the play.

On this the third occasion, my anticipation was really strong. Having been to 2 other plays I knew what was going to happen. I could not let my friends Barefoote, MelRose and Christina (with her two friends) know what was going to happen. I only said it was an experiential play by Frank Moore a quadriplegic performance artist and its O.K. to be nude. The rest is up to you.

My anticipation still high, we entered the room and sat waiting for the first part to start. Each person is given a "Magical" cup of water, said to have properties to allow greater freedom to the person then each is lead blindfold into the Cave of Lila, where Frank awaits your loving touch Never quite the same as the first time, the experience, nonetheless, is valuable as your friends are brought in around you – more exploring hands.

The Eroplay piece is spoken by Michael LaBash accompanied by the two local women who continue to test your nerves or calm your restlessness. During the reading, is when I got my inspiration to immediately write down the poem, forming in my head. Please read it, it says it all for me at this stage of the evening.

Psychedelic would be pathetic if it wasn't for the fun
Slapping, Clapping, Moans, and Groans

Erotic, exotic shamanic art, its an expressive part
Slapping, Clapping, Moans, and Groans

Body painted, decorated it's a part of the art
Slapping, Clapping, Moans, and Groans

Participate or you'll wait, Miss the chance to dance
Slapping, Clapping, Moans, and Groans

Frank Moore is much more than a body - he is Art
Breaking taboos, it's you and the view
Slapping, Clapping, Moans, and Groans

Free to be art, free to be a part, free to be.
Touch, sex, play all day leads you to an orgastic way.
Slapping, Clapping, Moans, and Groans

Eroplay – touching, rubbing, rocking, moving with each others is a healing way.
Breaking taboos its up to you
Slapping, Clapping, Moans, and Groans

Now the fun really begins Frank "steps-up to the mic" to sing. Yes I said sing. Just like a Karoke star he sings to famous songs. The one that sticks in my mind, is Frank and Linda, singing together "I Got You Babe," which of course, now takes on a different meaning since Sonny Bono's death. At this point of the evening you either love or hate Frank, his humor, his artisticness, and his inability to control his body. Let's just say, it is about acceptance. A pure test of body acceptance yours and his

Frank now asked if you wish to join him in the Land of Lila. When you decide to, you have to journey there - become reborn- emerge as a new being. The culmination of this journey is the weaving of the connective materials - paper, plastic wraps, & aluminum foil, to envelop the Eroplayers together. All the while Linda erotically dances on Franks lap at the front the erostage.

The play now completed, Frank now invites each person to "Chat" with him through the point board and other translations from Linda. The questions help him to understand what level the person was able to attain, feedback on fears, input on the play, and to create a completion with each person. He also made sure that you got his e-mail address and his web site (please see below).

After a few days I contacted MelRose to see if she would be willing to write a short piece to add a different, first time aspect to this article. The following is from her:

"Like feeling touch for the very first time; images created by Frank Moore took me on a journey of my senses. I felt, and trusted the touch of others, and I was able to feel the freedom that my body could bring to me. Unknowingly my modesty had kept me from exploring the true beauty of the human mind, body, and spirit. Now at 20 years old, I am no longer self-conscious and enjoy being liberated"

"You be the judge says Frank within his play"
- Don

You can contact Frank at or see his web page at

Author's note
The references made to sex is just that a reference, sexual energy is a part of life some use it in a bad way to oppress others, but within this play sexual energy is a part of the shamanic ritual that Frank and his assistants create in a loving beautiful way. You decide when it's time to release another barrier!






Photos by
Don Titmus

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