The "Real" Time Table

1. Audition
2. Fred’s Dance Lesson
3. Street Improv w/Heidi, Fred, Philip, Harry
4. Fred, Paul & Frank dance
5. Dinner Ritual: feeding each other & talking nonsense
6. The Cave…first w/Linda Feesey
7. Gestures…first w/Linda Feesey while the others play live Body Music
8. Dream Ritual lead in with dance by Fred and Paul while Frank sang
9. Bath ritual
10. Breakfast ritual
11. Pairings
12. Fred drawing…Bathing rituals…Paul read "Out of Isolation", Linda read "Magical Cave Lovers"
13. napping ritual
14. Dinner ritual
15. Erotic film/Body Painting
16. Jam
17. Wrapping dance
18. Bathing & clean-up
19. Dream ritual
20. Breakfast ritual
21. Fred created dance for Heidi, Harry, Philip and Fred
22. One on one w/Frank, Linda, Paul & Heidi in the cave
23. Bath ritual while Paul read "Tortures"

Paul interviewed Frank & Linda on tape about the performance.
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