The diagram of the body centers is from my work in shamanistic bodyplay. The following is from my book, CHEROTIC MAGIC:

In social communications, we are made to think that the only way to be effective is through the mass channels. In truth, the magical, private, interpersonal channels are more effective and accessible. The same is true with the channels of the body. Society focuses us onto the face and the "sex" organs for our normal communication channels. The more open and free the person is, the more he expands from these channels.
In bodyplay, the top of the head to the forehead is the "spiritual" or "inner" center. The forehead is "wisdom." The throat is "higher emotions." The chest and the breasts are "nourishing love." The belly is "lower emotions" such as doubts and fears, but it is also the cord on the DNA level that connects you, not only to every human, but also to every life form on Earth in the past, present and future. The "sexual" organs are connected to sex, but they are also connected to deep communications and magical attraction. From between the legs to the base of the spine is the center of survival, but also of imagination, creativity, and taboos.
These are the major centers. There are many more minor centers. Each center has its trigger points. We begin to see that there are many more possibilities, many more channels than the plot of fragmentation wants us to know about. This is because it controls just a few of the channels...the ones that it has made us believe are the only channels.
We think our body is contained, enclosed, limited within our skin. In reality, the skin is not the borderline marking the difference between inside and outside, marking off what the individual (or any other object) is. As we have seen, there is an energy field of thoughts, emotions, and other psychic material. This field usually comes out a quarter of an inch from the skin. This field is as much a part of the body as anything within the skin. The skin is the eighth center of the body, the center of relating, of touch, of melting. It is the center which connects the first and the seventh centers together, creating a circle out of the horizontal linear order.
The skin is not a fence of individualistic ego. Instead, it is the connecting organ of the body, our body. This body does not end at the skin. This body, our body, extends both outward and inward throughout the multi-dimensional, multi-universal existence which is being created by self-awareness. What we normally think of as our body is in reality only a small part of our body. It is only a symbol of personal responsibility which lives within us creating. We are now entering the secret of inter-penetration.
If the student rubs with his hands (or feet) on the person on the centers which the student feels are involved, there will be some healing effect. But the healing effect is increased when the student's centers are rubbed directly upon the person's centers. Other factors are rubbing centers in relation to one another; how deep and for how long the touch is; what kind of touch it is; what kinds of sounds and body gestures wrapped the touch; how free the student is from fears and doubts. It is like learning to play a complex musical instrument. Among other factors are how much chero is stored up in the magical place and how deep the rapport is between the people. The student should do bodyplay only under the guidance of the teacher throughout the apprenticeship. The reality of the cherotic relationship of student-teacher in the Cave of Lila allows a higher intensity and a greater freedom than normally exists in the other reality. The student should not assume that he can safely create this intensity outside the Cave of Lila. With the guidance of the teacher, the student will be able to raise the intensity level.

Copyright 1993, Frank Moore

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